SOSS Door Hardware - SOSS UltraLatch Push-Pull Door Latch

SOSS UltraLatch Push-Pull Door Latch

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SOSS Door Hardware
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SOSS UltraLatch Push-Pull Door Latch

The SOSS® UltraLatch® is a totally new concept in door entry hardware. Designed to be the most convenient, practical and aesthetically pleasing door latch you have ever used Unlike bulky commercial push-pull latches, the UltraLatch® is designed to blend in beautifully in home and office settings. The UltraLatch® retrofits to most existing door cutouts. Designed to conform to the shape of the hand, UltraLatch® is ideal for disabled users. convenient for anyone. A mere half inch of latch movement easily opens any door.

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Dimension Inches MM
A 3-9/16" 90.49 mm
B 4-15/32" 47.62 mm
C 5-25/32" 127 mm
D 3-1/8 76.20 mm
E 1-1/2" 38.10mm
F 1-1/16" 26.99mm
G 1-3/8" 34.93 mm
H 3-3/8" 85.73 mm
I 23/32" 18.26 mm
J 29/64" 11.51 mm
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