SMARTci -SMARTci GreenGirt Insulated Composite Metal Hybrid (CMH) Sub-Framing Component


GreenGirt provides a best practice, one-piece continuous insulation solution using structural composite metal hybrid (CMH) components.

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SMARTci GreenGirt Insulated Composite Metal Hybrid (CMH) Sub-Framing Component

Our CMH z-girt may eliminate the need for insulation retention tools and creates a triple-redundant air seal when utilizing rigid insulation. Our innovative and energy-efficient design is an industry-leading product that eliminates thermal bridging caused by metal framing and through-wall fasteners.

GreenGirt offers easy field fabrication that installs up to four times faster than other similar continuous insulation systems. With interlocking ends, the system eliminates cantilevers and addresses the specific loads and stresses of cladding attachment. GreenGirt provides a universal attachment solution for nearly all claddings, substrates, and insulation.

GreenGirt CMH provides a thermally broken cladding and insulation attachment for nearly any type of wall construction. The revolutionary solution utilizes thermally efficient composite metal hybrid (CMH) material to provide an engineered sub-framing attachment system.

System Components

  • 3 Basic Pieces to the System
  • 33 Specific Engineered Qualities
  • Zero Thermal Short Fasteners
  • Universal Cladding Attachments
  • Cost Effective
  • Open and Closed Framing Application
  • Zero Cold Spots for Condensation
  • Fewer Parts for Quick Installation
  • Installed Over Multiple Surfaces
  • The SMARTci System of products have tested and approved ASTM E84 Class A ratings, UL94 V0 and is compliant with NFPA 285 requirements.

How It Works

GreenGirt CMH is a composite metal hybrid sub-framing system to house the CI (continuous insulation) specified and provide a universal cladding attachment support - ensuring zero thermal bridging. It can be used on any substrate or cladding, and can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

System Benefits

  • Universally compatible with most cladding, substrates, and insulation material types
  • Meets ASCE structural design guidelines
  • Fastener torque and pullout strength surpasses FRP products
  • 92-98% thermally efficient, yielding the highest R-values
  • Can eliminate the need for insulation retention tools
  • No through-insulation fasteners or through-metal to framing
  • Longitudinal & crosswise strength
  • Meets or exceeds requirements in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1, ASHRAE 189.1, IBC, IECC, & IgCC energy codes
  • Fully tested and approved ASTM E84 Class A rating & NFPA 285 compliant
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design and tested

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SMARTci GreenGirt Configuration Options
-SMARTci GreenGirt
Insulation Type

Mineral wool, spray foam

System includes




GreenGirt Sizes

1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 5.5″, 6″, 8″

Insulation Thickness

1″ - 8″

GreenGirt Orient


Secondary Framing

Metal girt
Cladding rails

Types of Cladding


Drainage Plane Location

Behind the SMARTci Insulation