Rust-Oleum Corporation - OKON® Penetrating Acrylic Barriers W-2

OKON® Penetrating Acrylic Barriers W-2

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Rust-Oleum Corporation
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OKON® Penetrating Acrylic Barriers W-2

About Penetrating Acrylic Barriers W-2

Prevent water damage on mid-weight porous and textured concrete and masonry with Rust-Oleum® OKON® W-2 Water-Repellant Sealer. Micro-Plug™ technology effectively plugs surface pores, preventing water absorption. Paintable, recoatable and ready to use.

  • For use on vertical surfaces of medium/normal-weight concrete block
  • Prevents water intrusion, efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage; breathable
  • Clear, non-yellowing, water-based, low VOCs and very low odor


  • Apply using a low-pressure airless spray pump.

Available Sizes
  • Gallon, 5 Gallon

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