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Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish

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Rust-Oleum Corporation
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Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish

About Advanced Floor Finish

Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish is a self cross linking copolymer resin system, enhanced with nano particles of aluminum oxide, providing ultimate protection in a water base clear finish. It is an extremely durable interior clear finish that is ideal for coating and protecting hardwood floors and other interior wood surfaces. Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish flows and levels exceptionally well on any wood surface. Nano Shield™ Advanced Floor Finish dries clear and is non-yellowing – ideal for maintaining the true natural color of wood.

  • For Professional Use Only
  • 1 component system with 2K performance
  • Alumnium Oxide Nano Particles ensure maximum protection
  • Ideal for Residential and Commercial applications
For Best Results

Apply using Pro Finisher Universal Applicator or light weight T-Bar. Apply in the direction of wood grain in pulling motion with smooth, level stores. Apply even coats. Allow product to dry 2-3 hours. Thinner coats will speed dry time as well as cure time. After first coat has dried, abrade the surface with rotary buffer using maroon pad with 180 or 220 sand paper strips. Vaccum and wipe clean with a slightly water dampened lint free cloth then apply second coat. Follow this procedure for any successive coats.

Available Sizes
  • 1 Gallon

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