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Royal Thin Brick ® is a true extruded kiln-fired thin brick - not concrete or some other material made to look like brick, so it will look good and outperform the competition.

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Royal Thin Brick by Ironrock
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Royal Thin Brick®

What is Thin Brick?

Thin brick is a much thinner version of full face brick. The use of thin brick has been around for some time. Thin brick is desirable in part because it provides the look and feel of a brick installation without the weight or construction requirements when using full brick. With thin brick, a brick finish is not restricted to the confines of a footer and labor intensive masonry work. Instead, you can install thin brick like ceramic tile using tiles’ tried and true installation methods.

Recently, as manufacturing technology has improved and design tastes have returned to natural materials, the interest in thin brick has grown. This renewed interest is also part of a move toward using all kinds of veneer material to add beauty to indoor and outdoor applications. Thin brick makes an excellent veneer material.

As is typical of all building materials, not all thin brick is the same. Cutting thin bricks from the face of new or repurposed full bricks (which can be a wasteful endeavor) is sometimes done. Many, but not all, thin bricks are ceramic, made from clay and shale, just like their full-size counterparts. Some thin bricks are made from cement, fiberglass or other faux materials. Some thin bricks are too porous for use in wet or outdoor applications while others perform so well they can be used in any area of the home or business, both indoors and out.

Since there are so many varieties of thin brick available, what constitutes quality thin brick? Quality thin brick is a versatile product made from the best raw materials available. It is manufactured "thin" to eliminate unnecessary waste. And quality thin brick is ceramic, hard fired in kilns - just like the face brick it is emulating.

Royal thin brick is truly a thin brick, made from natural clay and shale mined close to home. The final product looks and feels real because it is real. The bricks are extruded in the same manner as full brick only thinner and fired in tunnel kilns at high temperatures. Hard firing makes them suitable for indoor use in both dry and wet areas as well as outdoors in any climate.

Real Kiln-Fired Thin Brick

Royal Thin Brick ® is a true extruded kiln-fired thin brick - not concrete or some other material made to look like brick, so it will look good and outperform the competition.

Royal is made only from the finest natural raw materials - local clays and shales from Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, a region renowned for its rich brick making tradition.

Royal is hard fired - so it's very durable. It is naturally stain resisting and has a very high breaking strength that will stand up to the toughest environments.

Royal is vitreous - so it has low absorption and can be used indoors or out in any climate. Royal will go where many other thin brick just can’t. From wet and damp to snow and ice or even scorching heat, Royal can take it.

Royal has a ribbed back - so it can bond tightly to the setting materials to ensure both a fast and sound installation.

Royal is versatile - so it can go almost anywhere. Use Royal Thin Brick ® on walls and floors to transform your home or business and give you years of beauty and performance.

Did You Know?

Each Royal Thin Brick is unique - no two are the same because of the firing process, wire-cut surface, and the drum tumbling. Some of the Royal colors are flashed to show even more variation. The flashing process is an old world firing technique that starves the kiln of oxygen and creates striking shifts in color and hue from brick to brick.

Real Kiln Fired Brick

Royal Thin Brick® is not cast, pressed, molded, or cut from the face of a full brick like some other thin bricks. Royal is extruded, cut and kiln fired to temperatures in excess of 2,000o Fahrenheit much the way we used to make paving bricks and building bricks more than a century ago. Our clay and shale bodies are locally sourced and our 100 plus employees are proud to call Canton, Ohio and its surrounding communities home. Because we remain true to our roots and the time-tested manufacturing methods, Royal is low absorption and very durable. You can use Royal Thin Brick indoors or out for both walls and floors. Royal Thin Brick can withstand freeze-thaw conditions in virtually any climate.

Tumbled wire-cut Thin Brick

Tumbling gives Royal thin brick the distressed appearance of a worn reclaimed brick. Royal has uneven edges with chips and nicks that differ from brick to brick. When the bricks become a wall or floor, it creates a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Royal has a wire-cut face. This texture is synonymous with traditional face brick. The texture in Royal Thin Brick runs vertically on the brick which is exactly how a full brick with a wire-cut face looks. And the texture of Royal thin brick is the same for both the field tile and corners. Some thin brick has the texture running a different direction on the corners and the field, creating a zipper effect up the corner of the walls.

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Test Results

Ironrock's Thin Brick "Royal Thin Brick" shall be of standard grade quality and shall exceed all of the requirements of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) C-1088, the standard specifications for thin veneer brick units made from clay or shale. The ASTM C-1088 standard specifications also require the ASTM C-67 Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Brick and Stuctural Clay Tile as shown below:

Queen Size for a Royal Thin Brick

Royal Thin Brick is available in Queen Size. The queen size is taller than modular size brick. Queen was chosen for Royal Brick to better enhance the tumbled/distressed appearance of the brick, making for a better presentation residentially and where the brick is featured in commercial applications. The taller size allows for more brick face and less joint for a more aesthetically pleasing effect. The Queen size also allows for quicker installation, for every 100 S/F, 110 fewer pieces to install.

Royal Thin Brick is 5/8" thick.