Robbins Sports Surfaces - Strata® Quartz Resinous Floor System

Strata® Quartz Resinous Floor System

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Strata® Quartz Resinous Floor System

Strata Quartz by Robbins is a seamless and decorative floor composed of broadcast ceramic coated quartz aggregate encapsulated in a high quality epoxy binder, and sealed with a clear polyaspartic sealcoat. The system provides a durable, lightly textured surface with excellent stain and chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and a UV stable sealcoat. Like Strata Flake, the Strata Quartz system is easy to maintain and hygienic, resulting in lower life cycle costs compared to tile, sheet goods, and carpet. Variable surface textures are available to produce a range of slip-resistant surfaces, depending on facility requirements and uses.

Strata Quartz Features:

  • Durable, impermeable and seamless
  • Superior mechanical resistance
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Low VOC
  • Provides a cleaner, safer and more sanitary environment
  • High density prevents dirt penetration, which provides easy cleaning
  • Additional Options: Integral cove base and curbs
  • Available in various standard color patterns as well as custom color blends

Suitable Applications Include:
Classrooms, Warehouses, Hospitals, Healthcare, Laboratories, Auditoriums, Cafeterias, Kitchens, Lobbies, Mezzanines, Locker rooms, Restrooms, Showers, Mechanical, Storage rooms.

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