Robbins Sports Surfaces - Eclipse® SB (Anchored) Gym Floor System

Eclipse® SB (Anchored) Gym Floor System

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Eclipse® SB (Anchored) Gym Floor System

If your facility may be subjected to heavy loads, the Eclipse SB system is for you! Eclipse SB takes the standard Eclipse system and adds a floor load handling feature to it. The “SB” stands for “Self Blocking”. This limits the overall deflection of the subfloor during heavy loads. Essentially, the resilient subfloor is designed to “bottom out” on the concrete slab during excessive loading from bleachers, portable basketball goals, and heavy equipment. However, the system performs like the standard Eclipse system during athletic play.

System Feature Buildup (top to bottom):

  1. Finish – MFMA approved Finish
  2. Gamelines – Compatible Gameline Paint
  3. Sealer – MFMA approved Sealer
  4. Flooring – 25/32″ Commodity Random Length(RL) or upgraded 25/32″ Continuous Strip® XL Finger-Jointed(FJ), MFMA Northern Hard Maple Strip Flooring
  5. Flooring Fastener – 2″(51mm) staples or flooring cleats.
  6. Subfloor – Assembled double layer Eclipse subfloor
  7. Anchor – Anchor spike and sleeve
  8. Resilient Pad – 7/16″(11mm) Resilient Pad.
  9. Vapor Retarder – 6-mil polyethylene film

System Benefits:

  • Handles heavy loads, the ‘SB’ feature allows system to bottom out during excessive loading.
  • Superior performance, meets all requirements of MFMA PUR, DIN, ASTM and EN standards.
  • Complete uniformity of game play performance.
  • Economical

System Height:

  • 2″ (51mm) with 25/32″(20mm) thick Flooring
  • 2 1/4″ (57mm) with 33/32″(26mm) thick Flooring

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