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The choice for durability and thermal efficiency in challenging environments is the Raynor ThermaSeal TM220 sectional insulated steel door.

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ThermaSeal® TM220 Sectional Insulated Steel Door

The choice for durability and thermal efficiency in challenging environments is the Raynor ThermaSeal TM220 sectional insulated steel door. With a heavy-duty, 20-Gauge exterior and an 18.3 R-value, this 2″ thick door model has all the features you expect and options you need for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

TM220 Features and Options

Raynor ThermaSeal TM220 commercial doors are available with numerous features and options, including those listed below.

Maximum Thermal Protection

Energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation is used to deliver exceptional R-values.

Rugged Hardware and Springs

Your ThermaSeal door comes packaged with the right combination of long-lasting hardware, track, and springs to precisely match your door’s size and application.

Reduced Airflow

Dual vinyl barriers dramatically reduce air infiltration. A true thermal break prevents heat loss and eliminates any metal-to-metal contact between surfaces.

Decreased Energy Costs

ThermaSeal doors help you reduce energy costs with a U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal and sturdy aluminum retainer.

Choice of Windows

Select either 24″ x 8″ (shown), 24″ x 12″, or 34″ x 16″. ThermaSeal doors are also available with aluminum fullview window sections. Choose from a variety of insulated glass, acrylic, tempered and polycarbonate styles to suit any application.

High-cycle Counterbalance Systems

For reliable operation in high traffic areas, choose high-cycle torsion springs with 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000-cycle life.* For reduced maintenance and ultra-smooth operation in heavy-use applications, choose a weight counterbalance system. *Some options may be limited to door size or model.

Customized Track and Hardware Systems

Track systems are supplied to fit special clearances, inclines or contour applications. Hardware and track systems can be designed to fit any need. Additional trussing is available for special wind loading applications. A QuikClip™ pre-assembled track option is also available.

Secure Locks

In applications where control and access are important, choose from a variety of locking options to help keep your building secure. Locks come in both inside and outside variations.

Carbon Monoxide Vent

Allows you to channel fumes to the outside when the door is closed. Available in a variety of sizes.

Removable Center Posts

Carry-away and swing-up options are available for extra-wide openings. Ideal for agricultural or airplane hangar applications.

IECC Requirements Package

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requires building components to meet minimum U-factor and Air Infiltration rates. This option will ensure the TM220 will exceed the latest IECC standards by using the required header and jamb seals and track mounting. Windows, exhaust ports and pass doors cannot be used. Raynor’s IECC package yields the following results:

U-factor: 0.19 Air Infiltration @25mph: 0.12 cfm/ft2

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Raynor ThermaSeal TM220 20-Gauge commercial doors are available in White.

Product Details
TypeCommercial Sectional Insulated Steel Garage Doors
ModelThermaSeal TM220
Size36′ x 24′ Max
OperationManual, Motor or Hand Chain
IECC Thermal PerformanceTested U-Factor 0.19; Tested Air Infiltration @ 25 mph 0.12 cfm/ft2
Construction3-Layer Sandwich
Surface TextureStucco Exterior; Stucco Interior
Section JointShip Lap
Section Thickness2″
GaugeSteel; Exterior: 20-Gauge; Interior: 26-Gauge
InsulationPolyurethane (18.3 calculated R-value)
SealsThermal Break, Bottom Seal (3″, 4″ EPDM, or 3″ Yellow); Optional Header Seal. Optional IECC-compliant package available.
TrussingWind Load: 20 P.S.F. Tested/13.3 P.S.F. Design Load (standard); Material: U-bar (18-Gauge or 20-Gauge)
Panel ConfigurationNA
ColorWhite. Raynor’s ColorWave™ with 1,500 Sherwin-Williams® colors.
WindowsSelect either 24″ x 8″, 24″ x 12″, full view window in 34″ x 16″, or full view aluminum section. Choose from a variety of insulated glass, acrylic and polycarbonate styles to suit any application.
TypeNormal Headroom, Rear Mount Low Headroom, Front Mount Low Headroom, Lift Clearance, Vertical Lift, Incline, Contour, and QuikClip™ Pre-Assembled Track Options
Size2″ or 3″
Gauge12, 13, 16-Gauge
Counterbalance SystemCounterbalance System
TypeTorsion Spring, Tandem Shaft Torsion Spring, or Weight Counterbalance
SpringsSpring Inner Diameter: 2-1/4″, 3-1/2″ or 5-1/2″; Duplex or High Cycle (30K, 50K, 100K)
ShaftsTube (13-Gauge) or Solid (D-Shaft, 1″ Keyed, 1-1/4″ Keyed)
Hinges11, 13, 14-Gauge or Hybrid
RollersStandard (2″ or 3″) or Heavy Duty (2″ or 3″)
LockInterior Slide Lock or Exterior Lock Bars
Seal(s)Header Seal or Jamb Seal
Hanger Angle11, 13, 16-Gauge
PostsSwing-Up or Carry-Away
Technical Information
Section and Panel Schedules
Garage Door Width Number of Raised Panels Garage Door Height Number of Sections
5′ 3″ - 9′ 2″2Up to 8′ 2″4
9′ 3″ - 12′ 2″38′ 3″ - 10′ 2″5
12′ 3″ - 16′ 2″410′ 3″ - 12′ 2″6
16′ 3″ - 20′ 2″512′ 3″ - 14′ 2″7
24′ 3″ - 28′ 2″716′ 3″ - 18′ 2″9
20′ 3″ - 24′ 2″614′ 3″ - 16′ 2″8
18′ 3″ - 20′ 2″10