Raynor Garage Doors -SlideTite™ 2.0 Series 158 Four-Fold Door

Slidetite™ 2.0 158 Series

Commercial Four-Fold Doors

Raynor Slidetite 2.0 158 Series four-fold commercial doors are designed with 1-5/8″ thick sections for low wind load applications.

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SlideTite™ 2.0 Series 158 Four-Fold Door

Slidetite™ 2.0 158 Series

Commercial Four-Fold Doors

Raynor Slidetite 2.0 158 Series four-fold commercial doors are designed with 1-5/8″ thick sections for low wind load applications. The 158 Series doors have a max width of 18′-4″ and max height of 14′-9″. With the same design choices as the other series, the 158 Series is a good economical fit when strong wind loads are not necessary.

Slidetite 2.0 158 Series - when every second counts. Ideal for Fire Stations, EMS, Light Rail Vehicles, Transit Facilities, Sally Port Doors, Security Gates, Parking Garage Gates, and more.

Slidetite 2.0 158 Features and Options

Every Raynor Slidetite 2.0 158 Series four-fold commercial door is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

Exterior Mounting

When space is a problem, Exterior Mount is the solution. Perfect for the Retro-Fit Market!

Interior Mounting

Interior Mounted Slidetite 2.0 doors are substantially less invasive than traditional sectional doors.

Perimeter Door Sealing System

WeatherLock™ Seal System

The Arctic Grade extruded neoprene perimeter door seal is engineered to seal out dirt, bugs, wind, snow and water, and match up beautifully to most door styles and colors. The WeatherLock system is also low maintenance and one-time installation!


Various glass types to meet all your needs. Fully customizable.

Controls/Activation Devices

Safety Edges - Comes Standard
Photo Eyes - Comes Standard Radio Controls, Loop Detectors, and more!

Features and Benefits

Slidetite 2.0 Series of four-fold doors open and close twice as fast as conventional sectional or rolling doors!

Slidetite 2.0 doors are highly engineered and designed to operate for well over 1MM cycles.

Slidetite 2.0 attention to detail in our sections, insulation, glass and hardware come together in a door solution that is second to none. An ability to disengage and re-engage for manual operation from floor level at any point is a critical advantage available only on Slidetite 2.0.

Slidetite 2.0 has been designed to minimize pinch hazards providing you not only the highest performing four-fold door solution, but a safe one as well.

Fastest Installation:
With pre-installed glass and hinges, the Slidetite 2.0 doors are without question, the fastest and easiest four-fold door to install available anywhere today. Simply put, nothing comes close.

Standard Operating Speed:
Opening/closing speed is approximately 8 seconds.

Panel Construction:
ASTM A1011/A1011M Hot-Rolled Steel. 14 Gauge Steel Sheet on both interior and exterior.

Door Frame:
ASTM A513 & A500/500M Steel Tube Construction. 12 Gauge Steel. Proprietary single sheet fabrication.

Fully welded brass thrust bearing. Engineered to be used as fatigue liners for soft housing faces. Long service life in demanding applications. Includes aluminum adjustable pin and pressure grease ports for easy maintenance.

Track & Rollers:
Upper channel “C” Profile constructed of heavy gauge steel. Neoprene roller with greaseless bearing reduces friction without need for grease.

Long-lasting and versatile neoprene rubber material. Dovetail insert design makes for easy replacement and substantially weather-tight.

Door Options

Section Framing

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized - Section framing can be hot dipped galvanized for corrosive environments. Recommended within 50 miles of coastal areas.


  • Section panel insulation - Polyurethane board
  • Framing member insulation - Rock wool


  • Embedded Tracking - Various sizes and designs


  • 1″ DSB Insulated
  • 1″ DSB Insulated Tempered
  • 1″ Glass per selection by architect
  • 1-1/2″ Glass Impact Resistant
  • Hurricane Clear “Impact 90” Rating (90psf)
  • Hurricane Clear “Impact 120” Rating (120psf)
  • Clear
  • Translucent
  • Opaque
  • Design to match building facade


Incoming Electrical

  • 120v AC Single Phase
  • 208v AC Single Phase
  • 208v AC Three Phase
  • 230v AC Three Phase
  • 480v AC Three Phase
  • 575v AC Three Phase

Electrical Controls

  • Comes standard with all doors - Safety edge on leading edge of doors. Reverses door upon contact with obstruction.
  • Comes standard with all doors - One set of NEMA 4 rated photo eyes. Exterior jamb mount.


  • Programmable close timers
  • Programmable inputs/outputs
  • Wireless safety edge transmitters - with low battery alarm
  • Presence sensor - Interior overhead mounted
  • Radio Control - One radio receiver and one single button remote per door. Remote opens/closes with single button.
  • Safety Loop Detector - Reverse or hold open the door when activated
  • Timer Activation Loop Detector - “Pulse on exit type” loop detector to activate auto close timer once loop has been activated and cleared. Includes hand/auto switch to deactivate timer.

Wind Load

  • 158 Series - low wind load
  • 238 Series - 50psf rating
  • 400 Series - 120psf rating

Replacement Parts

  • 9108000 - Contact Stripe 8’2″ (2500MM) L Cable 16’4″ (5000MM)
  • 9108001 - Cover Cap 19/23 DIA. 10.3 H
  • 9108002 - Track Upper 5-29/32″ (150MM)
  • 9108003 - Tube Precision Steel 45/40
  • 9108004 - 15-3/4″ (400MM) Arm Drive Unit Sinus Left for Motor
  • 9108005 - 15-3/4″ (400MM) Arm Drive Unit Sinus Right for Motor
  • 9108006 - Handle for Motor Dis-engager Includes push/pull cable
  • 9108007 - Bearing Compression DIA 25/43 x 12 KT 25
  • 9108008 - Drive Unit Complete Left Arm
  • 9108009 - Drive Unit Complete Right Arm
  • 9108010 - Chain Coupling
  • 9108011 - Steel B x profile 60/80/20/2/2.25
  • 9108012 - Bead Aluminum Glass Holding
  • 9108013 - Rubber profile between door panels 1-1/2″ (38MM Width)
  • 9108014 - Bottom DBL Rubber Profile
  • 9108015 - Pin 1-3/16″ (30MM) DIA w/Plate 3+1 14-3/32″ (358MM) LG
  • 9108016 - Pin 1″ (25MM) DIA 11-1/2″ (292MM) LG
  • 9108017 - Pin Intermediate 1″ (25MM) DIA
  • 9108018 - Post Door 100/50/2.5LG 22′ 11.5″ (7000MM)
  • 9108019 - Hinge 120 MSB 1″ (25MM) DIA BR60
  • 9108020 - Hinge 120 MSB 1-3/16″ (30MM) DIA BR60


Automatic - “A” model pre-fix. Door shall be operated automatically via electrical or hydro-pneumatic power.
Manual - “M” model prefix. Door shall be operated manually.


Electrical Power
No model suffix. Door shall be operated automatically and powered via electrical alternating current.


  • 120v AC Single Phase
  • 208v AC Single Phase
  • 208v AC Three Phase
  • 230v AC Three Phase
  • 480v AC Three Phase
  • 575v AC Three Phase

Hydro-Pneumatic Power
“H” model suffix. Door shall be operated automatically and powered via Hydro-Pneumatic power. Hydro-pneumatic is power by Air/Gas and Liquid (Hydraulic Oil in this case).

  • Compressed air by others. Standard Commercial Compressor.
  • Requires 86psi (6 bar)


Interior Mount - No model suffix. Door shall be mounted between jambs or interior of opening. Vertical section panels will fold into building space.
Exterior Mount - “E” model suffix. Door shall be mounted to exterior of opening. No part of vertical section panels will fold into building space.

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Product Details
MountInterior or Exterior
ConfigurationSingle Door
Maximum Width18′-4″
Maximum Height14′-9″
OperationAutomatic or Manual
Opening Speed8 seconds
Closing Speed8 seconds
DriveLeft-Hand or Right-Hand
Wind ResistanceLow wind load
MotorSinus Drive System
Detectors supplied with standard door1 set of NEMA 4 rated photo eye. Exterior jamb mounted safety edge on leading edge of doors, reverses door upon contact with obstruction
Control BoxNEMA 4 w/disconnect switch
Power SupplySingle Phase: 120v AC, 208v Three Phase: 208v AC, 230v AC, 480v AC, 575v AC
Track & RollersTrack & Rollers
Track Profile“C”-Profile
Track PositioningUpper channel
Track ConstructionHeavy gauge steel
Roller ConstructionNeoprene rubber
Bearing StyleGreaseless bearings
Panel StyleFlat or Raised
Panel ConfigurationsSolid, Partial or Full Lite
ConstructionASTM A1011/1011M Hot-Rolled Steel
Section Wall Exterior14 Gauge Steel Sheet
Section Wall Interior14 Gauge Steel Sheet
Panel InsulationPolyurethane
Framing InsulationRock wool

The Raynor Slidetite 2.0 158 Series four-fold doors are highly customizable with a huge variety of color, glazing and activation options on each model.

Model #OperationMountMax WidthMax Height