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Digital signage made easy

The SmartVDU is a standalone micro PC able to display messages and/or images which are remotely programmed from the Web Portal or USB. The SmartVDU enables the user to upload custom displays and have the display respond to external controls.

The SmartVDU creates a local dashboard view for work areas or other locations needing real-time data display.

SmartVDU highlights:

Connected Display

The SmartVDU can be setup as a standalone display for viewing instrument data from a wired Instrument.

HDMI Connection

Since the SmartVDU utilizes a HDMI connection for the external display, any HDMI television or computer monitor can be setup with the SmartVDU. The SmartVDU has resolution support up to 1920×1080 which allows it to be displayed on large LCD televisions with clear easy to read text and graphics.


The SmartVDU has configurable displays able to display text or graphics. The unit can be configured via Wi-Fi using our web portal or via USB. Alarm warnings and color coded messages can be triggered using relays within the SmartVDU.

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Wi-Fi Radio Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Wi-Fi Radio Frequency 2.4-2.4835GHz
Wi-Fi Radio Transmit Power Output Up to 40 mW
Wi-Fi Radio RF Data Rate 11n: Up to 150Mbps (dynamic)
Wi-Fi Radio Security WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and WEP
Wi-Fi Radio FCC Part 15.247 TE7WN725N
Wi-Fi Radio Industry Canada (IC) 8853A-WN725N
Power Requirements USB Power 5V DC @ 2A
Power Requirements DC Input (CDM60752 only) 9-30V DC @ 1A
General Dimensions (H x W x L) 4.1in x 3in x 1.4in
External Connections microUSB Power Input
External Connections HDMI Rev 1.3 and Rev1.4 resolution up to 1920×1080
External Connections USB 4 x USB 2.0
External Connections RJ45 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
External Connections 3.5mm Jack Stereo audio output
External Connections Relay Control (CDM60752 only) Up to 2A / 60V
External Connections Digital Input (CDM60752 only) Up to 30V
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