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Preferred Seating’s line of stadium seating is designed to retrofit onto existing bleachers or grandstands.

Our Tuf Seats essentially convert drab bleachers into colorful stadium seats.

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Tuf Bleacher Seats

Preferred Seating’s line of stadium seating is designed to retrofit onto existing bleachers or grandstands.

Our Tuf Seats essentially convert drab bleachers into colorful stadium seats. It’s an investment for tight budgets with continued dividends: more comfort means more spectators, and more spectators mean more income. Imagine it: turning a field of bleachers into relaxing Tuf Seats that look and feel good.

Top quality commercial seating needs to be comfortable, durable, and low-maintenance. Quality seats will be backed by generous warranties. At Preferred Seating, we can recommend stadium seating that has withstood the test of time during our twenty years in the business.

We offer numerous styles, any of which can be further customized by color, seat width, seat back height, and cup holder position. Custom upholstered inserts can also be added when appropriate.

Turn School Bleachers Into Money-Making Tools

One tendency of inexperienced stadium planners is running long rows of bleachers to fit as many people in as possible. Students and parents may stay away from games if stadium seating is uncomfortable or inconvenient. Each ticket holder in the bleachers needs to know his allotted space before sitting down. When installing the bleachers, maintenance personnel should think about the average fan and spread out seat numbers to accommodate his body type and back to back spacing. Back to back spacing should allow plenty of leg room for spectators and they won’t have their knees in the back of the person in front of them. Proper back to back spacing also prevents fans from having to climb over their friends when trying to leave their seat. This approach to stadium planning will maximize the number of tickets sold at each game while giving each fan ample sitting space.

If your project includes bleachers, our Tuf stadium seat chairs can be retrofitted right onto the existing benches. These high-impact, injection-molded bleacher chairs will not crack or rust. Ultraviolet light inhibitors blended right into the plastic keep this seating from fading. These special chairs for bleachers also feature a non-slip contoured seat bottom. A recessed area is molded right into the seats back for the display of the seats number.

Tuf seats are available in many colors. Turn your bleachers into a sea of the school’s colors if desired. Imagine when your loyal fans arrive for the first time to see brightly-colored Tuf seats instead of those old, drab bleachers! Go from splintered boards or cold aluminum to the ergonomic support of individual seating for bleachers. Also, imagine the response from your loyal fan base when they suddenly enjoy the back support provided by the high, contoured seat backs of our Tuf seats. The bottoms of the seating are also contoured for comfort on these bleacher chairs.

We’ve seen some enterprising organizations even use Tuf stadium seating chairs for fund raising campaigns. Because they can be installed one-by-one, they can be sold as an upgrade to season ticket holders. Those that don’t immediately jump at the opportunity may very well have a change-of-heart after seeing fellow spectators sitting back in their comfortable Tuf seats!

Now, if you’re constructing a new facility or planning to remove existing seating in a renovation, we have another idea for you. Our fold up chairs are one of the best options when you require stadium chairs for bleachers. The steel or cast iron standards can be bolted right onto the risers. The seats themselves feature a blow-molded, double-walled design. They are made of a plastic rated to withstand up to 80,000 psi! These seats will last and last. The come with a five-year warranty and they are ISO 14001 rated. Even the seat lifts on these stadium chairs for bleachers are something special. Two hardened steel shafts are designed to ride smoothly on wear-free, no-maintenance bearings. You’ll enjoy years of carefree, quiet operation.

Our stadium folding seats feature a variety of solid construction features. Standards are made of your choice of cast iron or 14 gauge heavy steel. They receive an electrostatically-applied powder coat. Seat bottoms and backs are made of high-impact, blow-molded plastic. Double-walled construction can take on those exuberant fans. Pivoting seats ride upon maintenance-free, high performance bearings. Whether they are used as bleachers seating or outdoor seating on risers our stadium foldup chairs come in seat widths of 20″, 21″, or 22″. Any client ordering a larger quantity can even request a custom width of 19″. Our stadium foldup commercial seating can include upholstered inserts upon request. Select just the fabric style to complement the architecture and style of your venue. Modern materials that are stain resistant and spill resistant will offer many years of durable service.

When you’re looking for stadium seats for bleachers, Preferred Seating knows which designs can withstand the test of time. We even have modern, portable seating options that can maximize seating capacity as seating is adapted to the event or performance.

Administrators and local boards can work with Preferred Seating to find which stadium bleacher chairs are right for your venue. We offer layout services as well. Our installers will install your Tuff seats at any location across the country. Then, they are covered by a substantial five year warranty. We at Preferred Seating welcome the opportunity to assist you. We’ve offered our clients many creative solutions to their seating needs over the years, and we look forward to working with you.

Tuf Seats are a great idea to raise funds!

Fans are willing to pay more for the Tuf Seat upgrade, thus giving you more revenue for your sport programs. Universities and schools can sell the seats to season ticket holders to raise funds.

Retro-fitting stadiums is a snap as well. Our Tuf Stadium Seating can be mounted on bleachers and risers of existing facilities, even one with demanding specifications, such as tight back-to-back spacing.

  • ISO 19001 Certification
  • 50 seat minimum
  • Made For Tight Budgets
  • Injection Molded Plastic
  • Anti-Slip Contour Seat Bottom
  • High Back Contour for Maximum Support
  • Recessed Area for Seat Location

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