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Whether you need to replace auditorium seats in a large civic center or include well-crafted, ornate seating in an historic district renovation, the staff at Preferred Seating is here to assist you.

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Classic Auditorium Seats

Whether you need to replace auditorium seats in a large civic center or include well-crafted, ornate seating in an historic district renovation, the staff at Preferred Seating is here to assist you.

We’ve served municipalities, universities, churches, cinema chains, and many other organizations across the country. We offer design, layout, and installation services for all types of commercial seating, including theatre chairs, auditorium seating, and even multipurpose seating.

We offer many choices in auditorium chairs. Used theater seats are available that can offer savings of as much as 40%. Our craftsmen can refurbish your seating on-site as well. Whatever your needs in theater chairs used or new, look to Preferred Seating.

New Theater Seating & Auditorium Seats

We will have the seating styles that will blend into your venue whether it is ultramodern or ornate and historic. Customize your selection with a wide variety of fabrics from plush velvets to the latest stain resistant options. Our seating experts will you maximize your movie theater seating capacity. Choose from either robotically mig welded heavy gauge steel standards or traditional cast iron standards. Seat lifts that quietly glide on maintenance-free bearings will fit perfectly into elegant theatre settings.

Choose from varied seat widths and seat backs that are in proportion to the risers on which they will be installed. Choose built-in cup holders for your auditorium seating if desired. We feature many U.S.A. made theatre chairs that are always ADA compliant.

Used & Refurbished Theatre Seats

Cinema chains have been busy reallocating space as they go to larger venues with theater seating and even dinner seating. This has produced a generous supply of used theatre seats. The recession and industry trends also brought about the closing of various cinemas. As a result, we can offer all kinds of auditorium chairs. Used theater seats are often in excellent shape. Older theatre chairs often feature ornate craftsmanship not often found in modern versions. They can often represent a perfect fit for a retro movie theater or a restored, historic theatre.

Removable Seats & Multipurpose Seating

The engineers at Preferred Seating are innovators in the area of removable seats. These durable and stylish seats look like furniture, but they can be moved from place to place. Schools and churches often benefit from such multipurpose seating as they maximize their use of space.

They can also be used as auditorium seats that can be reconfigured for different types of performances. Revenue is enhanced as overall seating capacities are increased.

We at Preferred Seating welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you, and to earn your business. We have the movie theater chairs used or new that will perfectly complement your venue.

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  • Back heights: 32-1/2″, 35″
  • Chair widths: 22-1/8″ - 19-1/8″, 1 inch increments
  • Chair widths are measured from the centerlines of the armrests
Raw Materials
  • Cushions: Cold molded Polyurethane foam padding with ergonomic design.
  • Inner back: Ribbed injection-molded polypropylene plastic formed with compound curves for natural body support.
  • Outer back: Injection-molded high impact resistant, textured, linear polypropylene plastic.
  • Frame structure: Rectangular steel tube frame in various gauges to meet structural requirements and needs. Every part and every assembled piece has been stress-tested.
  • Plastic parts: Multi-ribbed high impact injection-molded polypropylene plastic.
  • Aisle standard covers: Rigid molded polyurethane with a decorative finish.
  • Metal for pedestals: 1” x 3” 14 Gauge
  • Shoe Plate: Gauge 11
  • Paint: Thermoplastic Powder coating, with an electrostatic process. Oven-baked at 200ºC.
  • Fabric: 100% Marquesa Lana (polyolefin) with fire retardant. Meets requirements for California Technical Bulletin 117, Section ECS-191-53. We can also use synthetic leather by request (high quality materials)
  • Swing or Rocker mechanism: Rubber operated mechanism with no springs. The tension of the back can be adjusted. For quiet and secure use and a long lasting life.
  • Automatic self-rising seat: Using a gravity lift mechanism for quiet.
  • California TB-117
  • California TB-133 (optional)
  • ASTM F-851 (impact and static)
  • Tablet Arm
  • Durable plastic outer back and seat pan
  • Padded and upholstered seat and back
  • Gravity lift mechanism returns seat to upright position
  • Narrow profile allows maximum seating density
  • The mechanisms are totally safe and silent and are built for frequent and intense use.
  • The high quality plastic can be cleaned and maintained easily and economically.
  • The steel structure is solid, built with gauges capable of handling intense use.
  • The back pad is complete with an integrated lumbar and head support.
  • The outer back is concave and anatomic formed with multiple ribs.
  • The chair is an attractive love-seat style theatre chair with a comfortable ergonomic design.