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Wood Frame Chairs & Stools

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Preferred Seating
633 Yosemite Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Tel: (317) 782-4555
Fax: (317) 782-3909

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Wood Frame Chairs & Stools

Wood Frame Chairs & Stools

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Wood Chairs - Minimum of 100

4528a Wood Armchair

4524 Wood Chair

4522 Wood Chair

4520 Wood Chair

4515 Wood Chair

4515a Wood Armchair

4514 Wood Chair

2137 Wood Chair

4511 Wood Chair

4506 Wood Chair

2155 Wood Chair

4513 Wood Chair

2137a Wood Armchair

2133 Wood Chair

4505 Wood Chair

3707 Wood Chair

4502a Wood Armchair

4427 Wood Chair

4410 Wood Chair

4502 Wood Chair

3574 Wood Chair

2185 Wood Chair

Wood Stools - Minimum of 50

4530s Wood Stool

4526s Wood Stool

4522s Wood Stool

4520s Wood Stool

4515s Wood Stool

2133s Wood Stool

2185s Wood Stool

2155s Wood Stool

2137s Wood Stool

4514s Wood Stool

4513s Wood Stool

4506s Wood Stool

4505s Wood Stool

4427s Wood Stool

4410s Wood Stool

3707s Wood Stool

3574s Wood Stool

3001s Wood Stool