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This is one of our most popular chairs. And rightly so! The Concorde is available in three back styles.

The Anatomic style offers lumbar and lower-back support. The other two styles offer lumbar support and head support.

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The Concorde Rocker

This is one of our most popular chairs. And rightly so! The Concorde is available in three back styles.

The Anatomic style offers lumbar and lower-back support. The other two styles offer lumbar support and head support. The Concorde is available in several chair widths and back heights with no change in price. The flip-up cupholder armrest is standard and allows the row of chairs to be converted into a love seat.

  • Anatomic back-rest with horizontal tuft
  • Gravity lift seat bottom mechanism
  • Flip up armrest: standard, wide and extra wide
  • Self-skin or upholstered armrest pad
  • Square back with inner and skirt for different height backs availability

Concorde Rocker theater seating is an excellent choice in many types of venues, from cinemas to theaters. As a result, this rocker is one of the most popular that we offer. Comfort can be maintained during performances lasting hours. Enjoy varied seat widths, back pitches, colors, heights, and finishes. Concorde cinema chairs offer a combination of comfort and narrow profile. Achieve maximum seating density while maintaining patron comfort.

Steel Components

The standard upon which the seat is built and other metal components are made of heavy gauge rectangular, tubular steel. These seat elements are thoroughly stress-tested. Long-term durability is a real advantage with the Concorde Rocker theater seating. Note that the metal is finished with powder coating, not paint. The polyester powder coat finish is oven baked onto the steel at 200 degrees C. Your Concorde movie seats will have the toughest finish possible.

Automotive-grade Plastics

Steel components are combined with high-impact plastic elements that are virtually indestructible. The plastic used is the same injection-molded polypropylene that is used by auto manufacturers.

The inner seat back is made of ribbed plastic that diffuses pressure points, leading to more comfort for your ticket holders. The outer seat back is textured high impact polypropylene. Both the plastic surfaces and the powder coated metal surfaces are particularly receptive to easy cleaning. These materials will also be very kind to your maintenance budget in the years to come.

Upholstery and Cushions

Solid construction is only of value if the upholstery and high-density foam in the chair holds up over time as well. The Marquesa land polyolefin fabric used in the Concorde movie chairs is extremely durable. It is also treated for long-term stain and spill resistance. Finally, the material is treated to meet all current fire resistant standards.

The seat cushions in any commercial seating are very important. The design must not only be ergonomic, but the foam insert must retain its consistency over time. In the Concorde theater seating, the cold-molded polyurethane foam insert is of the highest quality.


The Concorde rocker system offers long life and quiet operation. Multiple rubber pads eliminate the possibility of hard surfaces rubbing together to cause noise or needless wear.

The self-rising seat bottom offers patrons optimum convenience. The unique “gravity-life” mechanism will remain quiet and maintenance-free for many years.


Concorde armrests are upholstered for added comfort. The cup holder at the end of each armrest securely holds drinks while offering the easiest access possible. The flip-up style armrest helps speed arrivals and departures. Also, one or more armrests can be flipped up during the performance to turn the seating into loveseat-style seating that is particularly user-friendly for parents with children.

Customizable Features

Three different chair widths are possible: 22-in, 23-in, and 24-in. Match the chair width to the specific requirements of your venue. Our designers can assist you in determining which seat width might be best for your application.

Three different back heights are possible: the Headrest Reduced, Anatomic, Headrest. The 40.5-in headrest-type back offers full shoulder and head support. The 34.75-in anatomic seat back offers lumbar support and lower back support. The 37.75-in “headrest reduced” design offers lumbar and lower back support along with head support.

Consider the ever-popular Concorde Rocker for a number of reasons: • Silent mechanisms, even with intense use • Steel framing with powder coating • Ergonomic design throughout • Automatic seat lift • Narrow profile to maximize seating capacity • Fully padded and upholstered seat and back • Easy cleaning, low maintenance • Flip-up armrest w/cupholder

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  • Back heights: 40-1/2″, 37-3/4″, 34-3/4″
  • Chair widths: 24″, 23″, 22″
  • Chair widths are measured from the centerlines of the armrests
Back Styles
  • Headrest Reduced
  • Anatomic
  • Headrest
Raw Materials
  • Cushions: Cold-molded polyurethane foam padding with ergonomic design
  • Inner Back: Ribbed injection-molded polypropylene plastic formed with compound curves for natural body support
  • Outer Back: Injection-molded high impact resistant, textured, linear polypropylene plastic
  • Frame Structure: Rectangular steel tube frame in various gauges to meet structural requirements and needs. Every part and every assembled piece has been stress tested
  • Plastic parts: Multi-ribbed high impact injection-molded polypropylene plastic
  • Fabric: 100% Marquesa lana (polyolefin) with fire retardant
  • Paint: Powder coat paint finish, oven-baked at 200ºC
  • Aisle Standard Covers: Rigid molded polyurethane with a decorative finish
  • Rocker system consists of two rubber pads for quiet and secure use and a long lasting life
  • Automatic self-rising seat using a gravity-life mechanism for quiet, maintenance-free seat operation
  • Parts are manufactured from high quality raw materials
  • Flip-up arm rests
  • California TB-117
  • California TB-133 (optional)
  • ASTM F-851 (impact and static)
  • The mechanisms are totally safe and silent and are built for frequent and intense use
  • The high quality plastic can be cleaned and maintained easily and economically
  • The steel structure is solid, built with gauges capable of handling intense use
  • The back pad is complete with an integrated lumbar and head support
  • The outer back is concave and anatomic formed with multiple ribs
  • The chair is an attractive love-seat style theater chair with a comfortable ergonomic design
  • Tablet Arm
  • Durable plastic outer back and seat pan
  • Padded and upholstered seat and back
  • Gravity lift mechanism returns seat to upright position
  • Narrow profile allows maximum seating density