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Whether you are developing a new commercial site or redesigning a public landscape, our contemporary rectangular planters are just the thing you need to add some functional beauty to your property.

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Marek Rectangular Fiberglass Planters

Whether you are developing a new commercial site or redesigning a public landscape, our contemporary rectangular planters are just the thing you need to add some functional beauty to your property. Made from fiberglass, these outdoor commercial planters have a number of benefits over traditional wood or stone containers. Unlike natural materials, fiberglass won't deteriorate when left out in the elements. It's not susceptible to mold or insect damage either. And it won't crack or crumble over time. This lightweight material makes these planters easy to install and reposition. We even offer casters for convenient portability (sold separately.) But the best thing about our rectangular fiberglass planters is that they fit in with any design style. Featuring a clean, modern form and toe-kick indentation at the bottom, these planters have a versatile look that goes with both contemporary and traditional settings. They can be finished to resemble any material from wood, to stone, to copper. With a number of size options to choose from, the grouping combinations are endless. These rectangular planters make a lovely addition to city centers, shopping malls, college campuses, entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants, and even private homes. Fill them with any number of living or artificial plants for a look that truly shines.

  • Length - 36"
  • Height - 18"
  • Width - 18"
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Shape - Rectangle
  • Color - Adobe, Beige, Black, Black Fox, Buff, Burgundy, Chaps Brown, Charcoal, Cypress, Dark Chocolate, Dark Gray, Dove, Espresso, Hunter Green, Khaki, Latte, Light Cocoa, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Dk. Bronze, Metallic Gray, Metallic Silver, Mocha, Parchment, Pearl, Persimmon, Real Aluminum, Real Brass, Real Bronze, Real Copper, Real Corten Steel, Real Raw Iron, Tan, Terracotta, White

Marek Rectangular Fiberglass Planters

The Marek Rectangular Fiberglass Planters series adds smooth sophistication to any commercial setting. Perfect for all kinds of landscape designs, their useful toe-kick indentation provides just enough space at the bottom to easily facilitate cleaning, in addition to their energetic and trendy style. As contemporary rectangular planters go, Marek outdoor commercial planters sustain years of wear and tear in any outdoor environment, from the blazing sun of the Southwest to freezing upper Midwest temperatures, making them more durable than other planters. Their fiberglass material won't crack, split, warp or rot, providing reliable use from season to season. What's more, as mold and insect resistant rectangular planters, the Marek series keeps out pests and fungal growths of any kind.

Additional Fiberglass Benefits

Besides Marek's virtues as a fiberglass all-weather plant container, they possess additional qualities that make them advantageous for commercial use. First, they are very lightweight, making them easy to move from place to place. Even as a large rectangular planter, they weigh a fraction of the weight (about 25%) of concrete, stone, or cement. At the same time, because of fiberglass flexibility, finishes can mimic the heavier materials, creating a sense of heft and bulk without the tonnage. What's more, besides the wide variety of colors we offer, we can match any custom color you require. Plus, fiberglass planters are essentially maintenance free, requiring only a little rinse if environmental dust or dirt accumulates.

Fiberglass Planters: Location, Location, Location

With all the flexibility and durability that Marek fiberglass planters offer, they make ideal outdoor planters for commercial use. Create a modular arrangement for a dramatic floral display. Or use them to organize borders for outdoor cafés, create a variable height tier effect near shopping malls, civic buildings, or along walkways. Plus, the attractive toe-kick can be illuminated with LED lights for a lighted contemporary look, adding enormous modern appeal to many environments. With full customization options available with the Marek rectangular fiberglass planters, we can make your design plans a reality. Call us today and speak with one of our design specialists about your next project.

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