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Sustainable Wood Planters - Eco Friendly Containers

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Sustainable Wood Planters - Eco Friendly Containers

The recycled wood line of sustainable planters combines lovely design and eco-friendly features. Enjoy the warm, natural look of wood without worrying about the environmental impact of deforestation. Sustainable planters are made of materials that grow quickly and don't require many harmful farming practices. We even carry recycled planters, made from materials that might go to waste without these unique reclaiming processes.

One of the materials used in Planters Unlimited's sustainable planters is the unique eco-friendly Kirei Board. Made of 90 percent post-industrial recycled material, it has a beautiful texture and unique look. It uses sorghum stalks left over from the milling process, which would otherwise go to the landfill, and fuses them together with a non-toxic zero-VOC adhesive. The end result is lightweight and durable and can be crafted into a commercial planter just like wood. Another option is Kirei Bamboo, which is available in low- or no-added-urea-formaldehyde versions. Either choice yields an eco-friendly planter that's good for the earth and great for any design.

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