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Stella Round Cast Stone Planters

Reminiscent of pottery fashioned by artisans long ago, our line of Stella planters boast a look that is both simple and undeniably elegant. From the hand carved textured exterior to the almost spherical round design, the style of these large round planters is nothing short of artistic. Their oversized design separates them from the planter pots found with other vendors, as they're especially well-suited for sprawling estates, resorts, and outdoor locations flanking storefronts and placed strategically along streets. Their simple lines create a brilliant backdrop for all types of flowers and greenery, allowing the plants to really shine.

Stella outdoor round planter pots boast a unique marriage of both concrete and fiberglass - Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC) or Fiberstone, your choice. Better than either material used solo, this combination makes for a weather-withstanding construction that is stronger than conventional concrete, while also being much lighter than stone or concrete would be on its own.

Although these oversized patio planters enjoy the perks of this modern innovation, they are hand made by trade professionals who perfect each detail from top to bottom. This also allows for customization options for your large flower pots. Choose from many colors, sizes and embellishments. Internal watering systems can be tailored to planters - your plantings will love it as much as you do!

Luxury Stella Round Cast Stone Planters

Stella Round Cast Stone Planters display an exotic look as large round planters should when gracing upscale hotels, resorts and elegant estate homes. The combination of their full-bodied bowl and subtle textural grooves only add to the allure these stately patio planters provide to any outdoor space. From their stout base these luxury planter pots expand with ample space in which to plant small shrubs and trees or floral arrays. The overlarge design only adds to the many locations landscape architects, designers and homeowners may choose to accent property. The Stella's roughhewn texture has both a rustic as well as elegant ambiance crafted by our local artisans. These outdoor round planter pots are finished off with a flared top to complete their aesthetics.

The Cast Stone Difference in Patio Planters

Stella cast stone patio planters made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) are a smart choice for many properties. They make a great lightweight alternative to concrete or cement planters that weigh far more. Our GFRC crafted cast stone planters contain an optimal mixture of glass fibers and concrete to create the look of heft without the actual heft. This allows for greater portability when needing to replant or redesign areas of your property. The mixture also makes a much stronger medium. GFRC won't crack, split or crumble under extreme weather conditions. This allows the Stella to last longer than concrete or cement alone planters can. There's essentially no maintenance other than an occasional rinsing if dust or debris builds up. Maintenance free planters reduce staff time and expense--a smart purchase for any business.

We also manufacture these spherical planters from a material called Fiberstone. Like GFRC, fiberstone is a composite concrete boasting lightweight properties and even more added durability. Fiberstone is lighter weight than GFRC, making it perfect for rooftop applications, terraces, gallerias and any high traffic public space.

Customization Options Are Plentiful

If you have been looking for large flower pots for hotels, resorts or public areas of your community the Stella cast stone planters can be custom manufactured to whatever size you need. They are available in two standard sizes that are both quite large. However, many cities want to use attractive planters in front of city hall or a passenger drop-off area for a large auditorium. The Stella can be enlarged to serve as security barriers in these instances. Alternatively, if you would like smaller sizes our artisans can make them to your exact specifications. And size is not the only custom option available. We carry them in six standard colors but can match to whatever hue and tint you need.

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