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The Rustic Barnwood Style Planter has a western allure with a structure to last for ages. Its exotic wood texture compliments the black wrought iron decorative accents.

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Rustic Barnwood-Style Planters

The Rustic Barnwood Style Planter has a western allure with a structure to last for ages. Its exotic wood texture compliments the black wrought iron decorative accents.

Processed to give it a primitive accent, the look of this planter not only shows its true handmade character, but also promotes the vivid scene of a western mountain retreat or the quiet setting of a central California winery.

We carefully select our wood to make the most of grain signatures, patterns, color and visible texture so that character and style of the wood comes through. We then use a couple of specialized processes and treatments to give the Rustic Barnwood Planter its finished look. The Rustic Barnwood planter is available in many colors and we offer a weather resistant clear coat to make the color last even longer.

With a galvanized steel frame, the Rustic Barnwood Planter weighs 300 pounds which makes it stable enough to hold some of the tallest plants or trees without the fear of it tipping over. Its support also allows for long plant or tree growth since its structure will be able to handle the most demanding wet soil, gravel or other irrigation related conditions.

  • Length - 18"
  • Height - 18"
  • Width - 18"
  • Material - Reclaimed Wood, Wood
  • Shape - Square

Rustic Wood Grain Barnwood Planters

Rustic Barnwood Planters have become more and more popular in commercial landscaping, providing stunning natural containers for trees and shrubs. Available in over a half dozen sizes in either square or rectangular shapes, these large wooden planter boxes make a great addition to many design schemes. Their striking variegated-style wood grain tones provide the perfect context as large planters for trees. In addition, they can often be found at farm-to-table restaurants, providing vegetable gardens as commercial outdoor planters that serve two functions: as a garden plot and a decorative accent. With their alternating wood grain colors and patterns, they are very pleasing for customers to enjoy whether out front or on the back patio. And their black wrought iron signature accents at corner joints only add to their visual appeal.

Wood Grain Options and Color Finish Choices

Whether set outside an organic restaurant, a wooded resort, spa, or tourist attraction, the barnwood planter can accentuate a wide variety of exterior color schemes and designs. Wood grain color options include a pristine cedar, rugged oak, rich maple or natural tones. After staining, each planter is finished with a durable weather-resistant clear veneer designed to retain its rich shade, whether cast as a lighter maple or deep, dark hardwood. These rustic barnwood planters can also be purchased without stain for you to finish yourself. Or ask about custom options to match your design project. Sold without liners, they can be added if your plans require a waterproof seal. Planter interiors come with reinforced panels to further protect their construction. With approximately 300 pounds of heft and our solid manufacturing practices, even the tallest tree won't fall over.

Container Gardening With a Rustic Organic Appearance

The natural wood grain of these large barnwood planters are ideal to use for container gardening. This is particularly true where soil is poor or in areas where rainfall is insufficient. Add liners for water-proofing and either irrigate on the surface or ask us about commercial custom self-watering reservoir systems. Having the look of nature along with the capability of clean water irrigation ensures organic gardening wholesale or retail establishments of the highest quality possible for your customers.

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