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Help Your Planters Fend Off Moisture Damage

Say goodbye to moisture damage with Large Fiberglass Planter Liners.

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Round Commercial Fiberglass Planter Liner

Help Your Planters Fend Off Moisture Damage

Say goodbye to moisture damage with Large Fiberglass Planter Liners. This adept commercial material is inherently waterproof for durable outdoor applications and relatively lightweight to boot (Note: fiberglass liner inserts come with drainage holes and are not waterproof). Lower the susceptibility of stone, wood and metal planters to rot and mildew by adding a fiberglass liner to the equation. We craft these round fiberglass liners, offered in four convenient sizes online, to seamlessly fit in with your existing commercial planters. Need a custom size? We can do that too! Then simply slip the sturdy liner into your planter container and add your favorite variety of flowers, shrubs, and plants. These waterproof liners will keep plants and soil safely contained to prevent fragile planters from bowing, warping, or rusting.

Use Liners to Control Invasive Plant Roots

Also a smart method for controlling invasive plant roots for species like bamboo - simply bury below commercial lawns to prevent harmful root spreads. Get a perfectly circular flowerbed that will leave visitor wondering if you keep a garden crew on call at all times. In-ground fiberglass liners will dramatically cut back on your weeding chores, allowing flowers and plants a better chance to thrive while also keeping those unsightly weeds out of the picture. The included drainage holes in each fiberglass liner will allow excess water to leave the planter so that root systems never become waterlogged. We can also craft custom liners with modified drainage hole placement or convenient self-watering irrigation systems.

Ask About Custom Planter Liners Without the Custom Fees

Whether you are designing for a commercial location or a home backyard, we have the liners to keep your planters protected. Choose from standard sizes online or create a custom planter liner by calling toll free. Planters Unlimited does not add custom fees for this product and can make any shape or size you need. Waterproof planter liners can be made by request as well - the liners sold here include drainage holes. Call us toll-free to request customizations and waterproofing.

  • Height - 17", 23", 29", 35"
  • Diameter - 17", 23", 29", 35"
  • Top Length - 17", 23", 29", 35"
  • Top Width - 17", 23", 29", 35"
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Shape - Round
  • Planter Type - Liner
  • Color - Natural

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