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Roma Bowl Cast Stone Planters

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Roma Bowl Cast Stone Planters

Step back into time with the ever stunning charms of the Cast Stone Roma Bowl Planters. These aren't just your typical cast stone round planters. They are something truly special with their gently raised base and flared mouth, which is completed by authentic double lips for a traditionally elegant appeal. Each of our hand crafted outdoor round planters is carefully manufactured with a level of detail and attention unheard of with other commercial items.

The Roma large concrete pots are also fully customizable from top to bottom. Choose from an array of sizes to accommodate any patio, wall, or atrium. Find a huge selection of colors, or customize your own. Durable fiberglass increases vessel strength while only weighing 75% the weight of conventional cement.

Highly suitable for hotels, casinos, and elegant upscale homes. Use for delicate vining plants like ferns and ivy, or to display colorful floating flowers. Drain holes can be eliminated upon request, and a self-watering reservoir may also be added for easier plant care.

A Hint of Italy in the Roma Bowl Planter

The enduring style of Rome is fully in evidence in the Roma Bowl Planter made of cast stone. These lovely ground level commercial concrete planters display an abundance of elegance. Their small, subtle base supports a wide mouthed large concrete pot that is perfect for all kinds of blooms and blossoms. This makes them ideal for filling with vibrant floral arrays. These cast stone round planters are also perfect for trailing vines and wispy grasses. Their double lipped edging at the top of the bowl only adds to the Roma Bowl's continental appeal. Since the Roma Bowl provides such generous space they make excellent containers to set on top of columns that flank hotel entrances. Roma outdoor round planters also make dramatic focal points in smaller spaces such as outdoor courtyards, on the side of a building that needs some dressing up, and much more.

Ancient Looks Meet Modern Materials

The Roma Bowl cast stone planter is made using a mixture of glass fibers and concrete to create GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.) This mixture actually makes it lighter in weight while ensuring its rugged durability. The Roma is also available in Fiberstone for an additional fee. Both GFRC and Fiberstone are actually stronger than concrete alone. Neither will crack or chip, crumble or break down like concrete by itself can. GFRC withstands weather extremes well and is suitable for use in any place in the country and in any season too. All these material qualities combine to outlast and outperform 100% concrete plant containers. And the lighter weight facilitates easier moves when you want to redesign your exterior (or interior) decor. Additionally, consider ordering Fiberstone planters at checkout for ultra-lighweight durability ideal for busy public spaces.

Full Customization Options

Since GFRC and Fiberstone is more flexible than concrete we can create the size and circumference beyond our three standard size planter bowls offered. The Roma comes in six basic colors but can be color matched to meet any design plans. It's easy to make the Roma Bowl your own by adding a logo for a dramatic branding statement too. They come with drainage holes but can be ordered without them for watertight outdoor and indoor use. With all this versatility and customization potential, the Roma Bowl planter makes for a long-lasting, flexible addition to any outdoor decor scheme.

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