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Reclaimed Wood Planters

Recycled wood planters are derived from sustainable design principles – a win, win for the environment and commercial projects. Planters Unlimited can help clients to create the rustic look of barn wood planters and various other types of reclaimed wood planters made from reused materials. By taking wood that has been left behind from another place and time and reworking it, stunning recycled wood planters are born with loads of character. This type of distressed-style container is ideal for wineries, rustic resorts, restaurant patios, and more.

Reclaimed wood planters are yet another addition to our extensive offering of commercial planting containers. For clients who prefer recycled materials we are able to source different types of reclaimed cedar, pine and even redwood. As a less expensive alternative, Douglas fir can also be taken and sandblasted to replicate a distressed look. To give recycled and barn wood planters a longer lifespan, we also recommend a fiberglass liner pairing to protect the wood.

Reclaimed wood and barn wood planters embody the spirit of sustainable landscape design. By taking materials that were thrown out elsewhere and creating recycled wood planters, we keep pre-used materials in circulation for many more years. The idea of reclaimed wood planters fits flawlessly into commercial designs that value a responsibility to the environment, or simply want the rustic charm of planting containers with a bit of history.

At Planters Unlimited, we are proud to add products like these recycled wood planters to our repertoire. With an already extensive line of wooden planters including those made from responsibly harvested redwood and cedar, this is just another way to diversify the options for our clients. Reclaimed wood planters are created from a range of materials and, depending on preference, we can source different types of pine, redwood, oak and cedar. Barn wood planters with materials reclaimed from rural and agricultural structures can also be created by request.

In addition to the reclaimed wood planters that come from authentic reused materials, we can also mimic the distressed look of these types of wood. Utilizing Douglas fir that is sandblasted, planters can achieve the same weathered appearance with a lower price tag attached.

For commercial and residential projects, we are able to create recycled wood planters in a range of sizes with custom finishes. The wood pieces are taken and remanufactured to fit the layout of a durable, commercial grade planter that can handle heavy planting loads and general wear and tear. As a precaution and aid in longevity, we also suggest pairing fiberglass liners with all wooden containers to protect the wood and prevent decay over time.

The rustic charm of reclaimed and barn wood planters will make a lively accent to commercial exteriors and residential landscapes in a range of regions and settings. On the rooftop terrace of an urban condominium complex, along the pool deck of a Cape Cod style home, or peppered throughout exterior dining space of a contemporary eatery, these containers have the fresh allure like only "old is new again" can provide. And filled with vibrant greenery and floral colors, designers can't go wrong with these recycled wood planters.

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