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Orvieto Square Planters

The Orvieto Square Commercial Planter combines contemporary style with old-world flair. Enjoy the rolled rim, tapered silhouette, and double molded band detail. The compact footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces, while the clean lines ensure that it can complement settings from interior to exterior, traditional to new wave.

Available sizes range from 18" to 42" high, 24" to 72" long and wide. Have a special spot that requires a custom planter? We can take your measure and create an Orvieto to your specifications. It will look great with small flowering plants or large trees, with plenty of room for the roots.

One of the key features of the Orvieto is the fiberglass material it's made of. Lighter than stone or ceramic and offering exceptional durability, fiberglass resists leaking, cracking, and fading. There are many colors and finishes available to please any designer, architect, business owner, or home owner.

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