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Muir Industrial Redwood Planters

See where industrial design meets eco-friendly resources in the Muir Redwood Planters. When it comes to commercial planters made of wood, the lumber of Sequoia trees provides one of the strongest choices there is. Inherently rot, fade and insect resistant, redwood planter boxes make a powerful showing – both visually and functionally.

Commercial planters are available in square and rectangular dimensions, both with a gently tapered shape. And to add industrial design inspiration, we've added galvanized steel banding around the body of the container. Smart, contemporary style makes our redwood planter boxes a favorite nationwide – from university campuses to the grounds of corporate headquarters.

The industrial redwood planters online are pictured and sold without any finishing. After all, the wood is so beautiful it requires no enhancement. For customizations including size, finish and accessory options including matching fiberglass liners, let us help to create the ideal container gardening solution for your next project.

Stay privy to eco-friendly commercial design with the Muir Redwood Planter Boxes. Durable, natural and exquisite, these commercial planters are an all in all winning garden container. Use throughout a landscape to fleck walkways with color, highlight entryways, and spruce up common areas like a university quad.

Industrial design elements are as popular as ever and can be found in all aspects of commercial properties – from ergonomic chairs to rehabbed warehouse spaces. In the realm of container gardening, it makes sense that an outdoor planter be made from aesthetically pleasing materials that are both beautiful and durable: Enter the redwood planter box-

In Pacific Northwest forests, the mighty redwood tree exhibits traits seemingly nature-made for a rugged, applied setting. In fact, for manufacture into commercial planter designs the lumber needs little refining at all. A rich wood grain contains notes of red, sienna and chocolate, combining to gleam warmly. Elegant striations are the highlight of the Muir Tapered Planter design, running lengthwise on vertical planks and crowned at the top with a thin trim. Galvanized steel banding nods to an industrial element, providing a modern material juxtaposition to the grain of the wood.

Perhaps the most commercial-worthy quality of redwood planters is the inherent strength of the wooden planks. Here again, nature has endowed these trees with elements to resist damage from moisture, sunlight and insects. After a responsible harvest and manufacturing, commercial planters take on these same rot, fade and pest-resistant qualities. The result is a product any designer and their client will be delighted to display for years to come.

The Muir Redwood Commercial Planters online come in square and rectangular measurements featuring a slight top to bottom taper. Galvanized metal bands are applied in varying numbers per the size of the container. Looking to create a custom eco-friendly planter? Look to Planters Unlimited to collaborate! Industrial redwood boxes featured online are only a baseline for what we can manufacture.

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