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A favorite among landscape architects and trade professionals, our Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planters have a simple, sleek design that can be worked into any space.

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Modern Rectangular Cast Stone Planters

A favorite among landscape architects and trade professionals, our Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planters have a simple, sleek design that can be worked into any space. Multi-functional as well as stylish, these planters are also often used as space dividers and privacy screens, used in groups to act as a border around outdoor patios, balconies, and pools. And since these Modern planters are made from sturdy cast stone, this means that they have the look of natural stone, but are actually a mix of concrete and fiberglass, making them a quarter of the weight of actual stone. Placed indoors or out, our Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planters will stand the test of time in any climate or condition-including freeze/thaw and high-traffic areas like shopping malls and city streets. Completely customizable, select from 25+ colors and four finishes in the size you need for your commercial projects.

  • Length - 96"
  • Height - 14"
  • Width - 14"
  • Material - Cast Stone
  • Shape - Rectangle
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

Solution-Based Planters with Style

Precast stone planters are the prefect combination of functionality and visual appeal. Ideal for high traffic areas where little space is available for decorative elements, these rectangular planters allow you to dress up your space in style. We offer a variety of sizes and colors to choose from so that you can make these lovely planters fit in with any design scheme. Call to request custom sizes and embellishments.

Uses for Rectangle Planters

For commercial areas that are high on congestion and low on ground space, this rectangular design is the ideal solution. With their long narrow shape, these rectangle planters can cozy right up to your storefront windows without fear of obstructing traffic or blocking the view. For restaurant patios and sidewalk cafes, these planters serve as exceptional barriers, allowing diners to enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about stray pedestrians or cyclists interrupting their meal. Pedestrian walkways can also benefit from these concrete planter boxes as they direct foot traffic while also beautifying the landscape. Dress up your planter boxes with any flora of your choosing, from trailing vines to multicolored seasonal blooms. For a simple, no maintenance fix, artificial plants are just as at home in these planter boxes as the real thing.

Lightweight Cement Landscape Planters

These rectangle planters are made from GFRC- Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete- by skilled local artisans. In the molding process, cement is mixed with chopped fiberglass strands and poured into precast molds. GFRC material has a number of benefits over traditional stone when it comes to planter boxes. The addition of fiberglass material makes these planters more durable than concrete alone. They will not crack, warp, or rot, no matter what weather conditions they are faced with. Since they are composed partially of featherweight fiberglass, these planters are also one quarter of the weight of precast cement alone. But don't let their lightweight fool you: the planters are reinforced for commercial use, strong enough to stand up to even the busiest crowds. And you can easily install and move them as needed. If the flow of traffic changes, or you simply want to redecorate your outdoor space, you can easily readjust your planter design. These planters look and feel just like real stone and come available to you in a number of natural colors for that real-stone appeal. The only thing missing is the unsightly bubbles that will sometimes appear in traditionally cast stone- and nobody will miss that!

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