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Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes

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Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes

Keep outdoor storage looking discreetly clean with the Modern Fiberglass Deck Boxes. This streamlined design provides lasting durability that doesn't take away from exterior surroundings. And dock boxes are unlimited in possibilities when it comes to size, color and finish. Available in virtually any combination to match custom commercial and residential applications.

Each outdoor storage box is impervious to moisture, so containers resist rot and corrosion. Even in marine environments where salt content is high, deck boxes maintain their strength. Easily open and close using the rust-resistant steel hydraulic system, and hide away pool toys, towels, life vests, tools, and more. And for valuable items, locking latches can be installed to create a secure outdoor storage box. Fiberglass is the most durable, unobtrusive method of adding functional space to your outdoor storage repertoire.

Make it fiberglass for the ultimate outdoor storage box. This selection of Modern Fiberglass Dock Boxes takes on utility that is virtually unlimited in application. Whether on the pool patio of a private residence, or situated on a commercial dock, this fiberglass container does its job reliably and in good fashion.

With its clean silhouette, this fiberglass deck box is designed to look modern, attractive and altogether unobtrusive. The idea is to create more space to hide away clutter while allowing a landscape to keep its orderly look. Utilize on a dock, deck, patio or as general outdoor storage boxes alongside your home to stow away everything from life vests and beach towels, to lawn care and gardening tools.

Deck boxes made of fiberglass feature superior resistance to corrosion outdoors. Containers are impervious to moisture, so rot and mildew are a virtual non-concern. And in marine and coastal climates where high salt content lingers in the air, fiberglass outperforms other dock boxes for sale online or elsewhere. Great for oceanfront homes, yacht clubs and equipment rental businesses. Need added security? Locking latches can be installed by request.

Say goodbye to cumbersome lids: Outdoor storage containers are equipped with an easy system for opening and closing. Stainless steel hydraulic hardware lets the top slide to and fro without a hitch. And the metal is rust resistant to protect against damaging corrosion.

In addition to the standard dock box sizes and colors for sale online, Planters Unlimited also offers custom order service. The possible combinations are unlimited in nature, owing to our manufacturing capabilities and full line of color options for fiberglass products. Want to combine a different body and lid style into one custom deck box? We'd love to hear your idea and collaborate on its execution.

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