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Modern Cast Stone Planter Collection

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Modern Cast Stone Planter Collection

Whether you are a large-scale commercial developer, busy landscape architect, or humble business owner, what's the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to create a beautiful and stylish look to dress up your exterior design project? Commercial planter boxes. Filled with fresh greenery and seasonal blooms these attractive modern planters are a surefire way to create some visual interest with little effort and virtually no maintenance. Simply select your precast stone planters from our wide selection, including square, rectangular, and tapered square varieties. We offer these planters in a number of lengths and heights to fit in well with any size space, whether you are working with acres of industrial property or you only have a few square yards of sidewalk space at your disposal. They are available in five different natural-colored finishes, allowing you to fit them in with any décor, contemporary or classical.

All of our top-of-the-line stone planters are painstakingly hand molded and finished, giving you the quality you expect in products from Planters Unlimited. These innovative containers are made using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), a special combination of concrete and fiberglass strand that is more durable, more lightweight, and less expensive than traditional stone.

Precast Stone Planters Built to Last

Pure cement is durable, but it has its weaknesses. Unwary buyers may be disappointed to find that their stone containers don't last as long as expected when faced with the elements. Over time cement planters can crack, crumble, and mold, leaving you to buy new pieces season after season. Our Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete- or GFRC- planters will last for years and years even after their stone counterparts have crumbled into dust. That's because they are hand poured using a combination of chopped fiberglass strands and concrete, allowing them the flexibility of fiberglass with the strength of stone. Even with fluctuating temperature and moisture conditions, these planters won't warp or break. Their heavy-duty composition makes them a great choice for high traffic areas like town centers and amusement parks.

And because of their fiberglass content these planters weight only 1/4 as much as traditional cement planters, making them easy to transport and install. No matter what size planters you purchase, you can rest assured that you won't need a forklift to move your containers about, no matter how often you feel the need to redecorate!

Multitalented Modern Planters

With a look versatile enough to fit in to any setting, these modern planters can be put to work in any number of ways. From large-scale to small-scale, these multi-sized planters are both attractive and functional. Large planters create beautiful green spaces that break up monotonous city scenery and double as space partitions. They can serve as barriers to define property boundaries, block unsightly views, create intimate areas, and direct foot traffic. Large city parks and small sidewalk cafes alike can benefit from our precast planters.

A Commercial Planter Box You Can Customize

Our Modern Cast Stone Planter Collection features pieces with a timeless elegance that all buyers can appreciate. With their minimalist square or rectangular shape, these planters can fit in well with any type of décor. You can just as easily incorporate them into an ultramodern business park courtyard as a rustic old-world shopping district. We offer five authentic-looking stone finishes that include: black, charcoal, Chaps brown, stone white, and natural. Combine colors and sizes to create a truly stunning effect! And if you don't see the specific size or design you are looking for, don't worry. We are happy to create a mold just for you.

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