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Mendocino Rectangular Redwood Planter

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Mendocino Rectangular Redwood Planter

Organic beauty meets commercial utility in these wood planter boxes, brought to you by Planters Unlimited. The Mendocino Rectangular Redwood Planter has a name inspired by Northern California and one of the celebrated natural habitats of redwood trees, Mendocino County. As wooden garden planters named after a region where forests tower eminently and vineyards abound, it's not hard to see why so many love this redwood planter design for their commercial container gardening.

The natural appeal of wood planter boxes lends itself well to commercial design and landscaping. As eco-friendly materials make a commanding push onto many client wish lists, the demand for attractive wooden garden planters with a durable temperament only continues to increase. The Mendocino Redwood Planter is a harmonious meld of form and function. The wood is resilient in nature with low susceptibility to moisture damage, and the charming grain of redwood is unsurpassed in terms of visual appeal. It's a match made in, well, nature – and now your commercial design plans.

The Mendocino Redwood Planter is aptly named for a region well known to give root to these arresting natural giants. As wood planter boxes derived from materials that originate on the Northern California and Oregon coastlines, these wooden garden planters embody all the whimsical mystique of native Redwood territories.

Taken from a responsible harvest, materials used for these wood planter boxes also have a natural aptitude for durability in exterior applications. A redwood planter is born of one of the most resilient species in any forest across the globe. This fact makes these wooden planter boxes of low susceptibility to rot, decay or cracking in outdoor applications where weather and moisture come into play. In fact, if following environmental cues the natural habitat of a redwood planter would be in an area with high levels of rainfall. For customers desiring wood planter boxes with superior longevity this is a definite plus.

Like the Northern California county it borrows its name from, the Mendocino Redwood Planter has an undeniable allure. From the naturally warm grain of the wood to the structured and framed vertical slats, this large redwood planter is wonderful to behold. Each of these wooden garden planters is tough enough for exterior commercial applications, but can also work for residential landscaping. Additionally, refined finishes like the molded base and top rim make this an option for interior projects where a larger planting container is needed.

Wood planter boxes can sometimes carry with them concerns about maintenance issues when exposed to outdoor elements. In nature, redwood is one of the most resilient species there is with some trees on record as living hundreds of years. While we can't say these wooden garden planters will be here a hundred years from now, we do stress the durable nature of large planters made from redwood. They were born to be outside and make an organically beautiful home for your plants, flowers, small shrubs and vines. From brilliant floral colors to fresh greenery, it all looks stunning against a backdrop of charming redwood.

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