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For endless design possibilities and an extensive list of functional benefits, our Marek fiberglass square outdoor planters are by far the primary choice for commercial designers, municipal planners, and homeowners alike.

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Marek Square Fiberglass Planters

For endless design possibilities and an extensive list of functional benefits, our Marek fiberglass square outdoor planters are by far the primary choice for commercial designers, municipal planners, and homeowners alike. With their clean, geometric lines, these square modern planters fit in well with any contemporary design scheme. Our exclusive toe-kick design gives them a unique look that also allows for easy cleaning. With two dozen standard colors, premium finish options, and limitless custom colors (extra fee applies) available, there is no boundary to the uses for these fiberglass planters.

Available in a number of sizes, these planters make a lovely addition to shopping malls, hotels, city centers, and entertainment venues. Use one as a solo design piece or group them for a stunning cohesive appeal. Not only are these resin planters eye catching when filled with colorful blooms and green foliage, but they are also low-maintenance, lightweight, and incredibly sturdy. Lighter than cement, wood, and PVC, these planters are easy to move; you can even add casters to make redecorating a breeze. Unlike natural materials, fiberglass won't rot, mildew, or deteriorate over time. It's impervious to insect damage and exposure to the elements. You can count on these tough seamless planters to last for years to come.

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  • Length - 18"
  • Height - 18"
  • Width - 18"
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Shape - Square
  • Color - Adobe, Beige, Black, Black Fox, Buff, Burgundy, Chaps Brown, Charcoal, Cypress, Dark Chocolate, Dark Gray, Dove, Espresso, Hunter Green, Khaki, Latte, Light Cocoa, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Dk. Bronze, Metallic Gray, Metallic Silver, Mocha, Parchment, Pearl, Persimmon, Real Aluminum, Real Brass, Real Bronze, Real Copper, Real Corten Steel, Real Raw Iron, Tan, Terracotta, White

Marek Fiberglass Square Planters with Toe Kick

As far as fiberglass planters go, our Marek Square Planters with Toe Kick are one rugged yet stunningly beautiful planter series. The ultimate in square outdoor planters, they make the perfect contemporary accent for numerous locations, decorating shopping mall planter pots to using them as container garden planter boxes at estate homes, and beyond. With their sleek lines and playful toe kick, these square modern planters possess lots of room for flowers and foliage, as well as the right amount of attitude. Fully customizable as to size and color, they have become a fast favorite of designers, city planners, and homeowners alike. Between endless custom options and their perfectly symmetrical lines, the Marek planter has developed enormous appeal for any contemporary office space, sprucing up conventional downtown areas, even as lighted guides to balconies and walkways at event venues such as theaters. The toe kick can be customized for illumination providing much needed lighting for after dark. Plus, the toe kick offers easy floor cleaning and allows landscapers to get closer when changing seasonal plantings.

Lightweight, Durable, Enduring

Available in a myriad of sizes, the Marek fiberglass square planters can be used as a single, stunning focal point addition to an inner courtyard business center or when arranged in groups or rows. They even make attractive groupings when various sizes are clustered tier fashion. Beyond their impeccable beauty, the Marek is also easy to move around due to its light weight. Add casters and they become even more portable when venue space decorations require adaptations. Their low maintenance quality makes them a prudent addition to any budget, too. Since fiberglass is tough yet malleable, they can mimic heavier materials such as wood, PVC, and cement yet are lightweight enough to be far more practical. Added to that is their ability to withstand freezing cold temperatures and the blazing hot sun some climates dish out. the Marek fiberglass planters won't rot, crack, chip, mildew or warp over time. Plus, they cannot be damaged by insects like wood can even though they can be made to look like wood! This makes this line a plant container that will last for years to come.

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