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Lynx Cast Stone Planters

Fashion and function meet in our selection of Lynx Cast Stone Planters. They're not only available in three distinct shapes, each suitable for its own unique applications, but each planter is constructed of highly durable and weather resistant GFRC or Fiberstone composite. Whether flanking entryways or creating a one of a kind living privacy screen for indoor and outdoor areas, the Lynx collection is a designer's dream. Available in six beautiful hues, square, round or rectangular shapes, and an array of sizes, you'll find them fitting for projects of any size.

Although cast stone planters are suitable for large indoor locales, such as shopping malls or hotels, they're able to resist cracking in outdoor conditions. Drainage holes are included to promote root aeration, but trays may be included to prevent messes when used indoors. These planters look and feel like real stone, but because they are reinforced with glass fibers, they're 75% lighter and easier to move from place to place.

Cast Stone Planters, Lynx Style

The Lynx Cast Stone Planters offer a simple yet elegant design while providing enormous durability and functionality. Ideal for all manner of commercial planters application, the Lynx is uniquely ideal for use in hospitality design for hotels, along city streets and event spaces. At their larger sizes, they make stunning commercial planters for trees. And at smaller sizes, Lynx commercial planters set the stage for floral arrangements of variable sizes positioned in clusters, tiers, even when different shapes are combined. These lightweight cement planter pots provide all the hefty look of concrete yet without the actual weight. Manufactured with modern materials and processes, these Fiberstone or GFRC plant containers (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) are actually stronger than concrete alone--and at a quarter of the weight. Plus, they won't crack, chip or crumble like concrete can.

Hospitality Design Perfected Through Modern Materials

Both Fiberstone and GFRC have altered the way designers and architects incorporate innovative commercial planters in a wide variety of environments. Using high-quality cement, glass fibers and resins increase strength and durability so that it mimics concrete but without the downsides. Each of our Lynx stone planters can also be upgraded to Fiberstone, if desired. The Fiberstone process weighs even less, and is 1/3 the weight of GFRC while still being incredibly strong and durable. Each process creates an impact-resistant planter. And in Fiberstone's case, the greater impact resistance creates an even longer lasting planter. This can be important for certain applications, specifically when used in public areas and heavily trafficked commercial settings.

Numerous Standard Sizes and Custom Sizing Available

Lynx cast stone planters come in three distinctive shapes: round, square, and rectangular. These round commercial planters begin at 18.5 inch diameter by 13 inches high and range up to 42 inch diameters by 32 inches high, with an additional five sizes available. The square Lynx comes in two sizes: 30 by 30 by 24 inches and 35 by 35 by 27 inches. The rectangular Lynx is currently available in 48 by 16 by 16 inches, and all shapes are customizable by size to meet your design needs. With colors also customizable, having black and charcoal the standards, there is no end to customization options. With its textured sand or smooth surface, the Lynx has become a fast favorite for designers and developers alike.

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