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Kaza Rectangular Fiberglass Planters

Rectangular fiberglass outdoor planters from our Kaza collection bring functional beauty to any space. Whether you need attractive planters for an indoor accent piece or an outdoor site furnishing, these heavy-duty fiberglass planters more than fit the bill. They feature a stylish modern look with a raised geometric design, understated yet elegant. Available in a variety of sizes to meet your every container gardening need, rectangular planters can be customized to match your space. Choose from over 25 paint colors, attractive textural finishes, and AmoreCoat true metal coatings.

The perfect solution for heavily trafficked areas and outdoor applications, these durable planters are made from architectural fiberglass - valued for its longevity, light weight, and resistance to wear. Our large outdoor pots are featured in a number of commercial and public settings across the globe, including:

  • Office buildings and industrial parks
  • Restaurants, sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, lounges
  • Boutiques, galleries and salons
  • Hotels, casinos, and other hospitality venues
  • Shopping malls and retail shops
  • Public parks, courtyards, and sidewalks

Modern Kaza Rectangular Fiberglass Outdoor Planters

The modern Kaza Rectangular Fiberglass Outdoor Planters are long on design appeal, durability and endurance and short on weight. One of the best features of commercial fiberglass planters is their ability, pound for pound, to take punishing weather and plant loads at a fraction of the weight of heavier materials like concrete, stone, even wood. The Kaza planters set off your landscape design with lots of panache. These large geometric planters sport a raised quadrilateral outline gently from each corner to form a smaller angular square. This contemporary design makes them perfect as restaurant planters, to section off seating areas in sidewalk cafes, to flank modern building entryways, or as avant-garde large outdoor pots set as focal points in courtyards and atriums.

The Beauty of Fiberglass Planters

While the Kaza collection is stunning in its own right, whether square or rectangular, their beautiful fiberglass benefits are equally impressive. Their durable, indestructible strength makes them ideal choices for high traffic areas. In addition, since fiberglass is reinforced with glass fibers and resin, its built-in strength makes the Kaza immune to parts of the country sustaining harsh weather, be it snow, rain, cold or blazing heat. Fiberglass is chemical and corrosion resistant, is lightweight, and requires little to no maintenance. Plus, the Kaza Rectangular Fiberglass Planters resist insects, molding, warping, rotting, chipping, and bowing. Available in over 25 finishes, an array of textures and finishes, including ArmoreCoat metal coatings, we can customize the Kaza to fit any space and design specifications.

Kaza Fiberglass Planters Are All About the Location

It's all about the location with Kaza fiberglass planters. Adorning all manner of beautiful environments, their light weight, deep planting interiors along with their stylish exteriors make them the perfect addition to many a commercial space. At home in office buildings, industrial parks, public civic spaces, sidewalks and courtyards, the Kaza outshines conventional planter boxes. They are equally attractive in small shops, boutiques, and other retail space, as well as in hotels, casinos, galleries, sidewalk cafes and restaurants. Fully customizable, we can design color and texture to match your specifications.

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