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As one of the most popular large sphere planters in our commercial line, Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planters provide a robust and stunning look for any exterior decor.

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Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planters

As one of the most popular large sphere planters in our commercial line, Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planters provide a robust and stunning look for any exterior decor. Made from durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) the Halley offers ample room for trees and large floral arrangements as they are extra large planters for outside displays. What's more, they are more than just a concrete planter since they include fiberglass in the concrete mix. This recipe provides the look of a heavy concrete planter but with far less weight. The Halley large resin planters are ideal large pots for plants that need the curvature they provide in the interior, letting root systems expand for proper growth and hydration.

As a lightweight concrete flower pot, the Halley looks stunning outside hotels, flanking walkways, gracing atriums or decorating inner courtyards of commercial buildings. Complete with drainage holes, they can also be ordered without them for indoor use,or drainage trays can be made to match. Most big planters for sale online are not offered directly from the manufacturers, but Planters Unlimited does just that. With their elegant spherical shape offer dramatic relief in large front yards or as a simple focal point for home estates too. Their modern silhouette provides an elegant shape second to none for tropical arrangements or flowering shrubs. Fully customizable to meet your next design project requirements.

  • Material - Weathered Stone
  • Shape - Sphere
  • Color - Black, Bone White, Chaps Brown, Charcoal Gray, Concrete Gray, Limestone

The Halley Lightweight Concrete Flower Pot

When it comes to large sphere planters, the Halley lightweight concrete flower pot makes the perfect addition for any exterior decor. Initially designed as extra large planters for outside displays, these round commercial planters can also be used for interior design as well. Equipped with or without drainage holes, their elegant glass reinforced concrete (GFRC) construction is made to look like a full concrete planter, yet their light weight poses none of their liabilities. Weighing in at about one quarter of concrete's weight, the Halley provides ample room for small trees or shrubs, robust colorful floral displays arranged along hotel walkways, flanking entrances, and more. These large pots for plants can even be populated with artificial trees, bamboo, or all manner of tropical arrangements, reducing time and expense for ongoing plant care.

Large Resin Planters Capture Appeal in Residences

Out of the many choices you have for big planters for sale, the Halley large resin planters also make stunning additions to estate homes, condominiums, homes surrounding golf courses, and much more. Their modern silhouette combined with a rustic finish provides the finishing touch for any home's interior or exterior decor. Add them to clubhouse interiors for that extra special look of heft without all the weight. Add, casters and they become easily movable from one room or location to another as well - a perfect choice for interior and exterior designers alike. When purchasing for interior use, the Halley can be ordered without drainage holes to eliminate spills or leaks. Or add a saucer if drainage is required for live foliage.

GFRC: The Green Choice

GFRC planters like the Halley make an exceptional contribution to the environment in that they use recycled glass and other recycled materials to both reinforce planter strength as well as reduce weight. This reduces their carbon footprint in the process. Besides these qualities, they also incorporate an eco-friendly preservation to the environment in that they last far longer than concrete alone. GFRC material doesn't warp, chip, crack or split like concrete can. Not only does this ensure a long lasting planter, providing years of use, it also eliminates having to load landfills with broken or cracked planters. The Halley is customizable too, for color, size, and more.

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