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Incorporate dimension and color with commercial planters made of Western Red Cedar. The Fantana Wooden Planter Boxes are spacious containers well adapted to outdoor use.

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Fantana Cedar Rectangular Planters

Incorporate dimension and color with commercial planters made of Western Red Cedar. The Fantana Wooden Planter Boxes are spacious containers well adapted to outdoor use. After all, each of our cedar rectangular planters is made from one of nature's most robust and longest living conifers. Glowing in reddish brown, the wood also happens to be inherently resistant to rot and insects for lasting exterior applications.

In commercial design, cedar rectangular planters are a universal player that can match any aesthetic. The warm, even grain of Western Red makes for wooden planter boxes that are at once textural and sleek, drawing the eye to bright arrangements of flowers and greens. Over time, the lumber will weather to an exquisite grey color that continues to mature with the container without changing the integrity of the wood.

Commercial planters online come in various sizes and are sold in their natural wood finish. For increased product longevity, we recommend a wood seal or paint and also a fiberglass liner (customizable by request), although neither are required.

  • Length - 36"
  • Height - 24"
  • Width - 24"
  • Material - Cedar, Wood
  • Shape - Rectangle

Build upon natural beauty using wooden planter boxes for container gardening. Well suited to applications as residential or commercial planters, these large rectangles are heavy duty, rot resistant and complementary to all types of architecture.

The Fantana is constructed out of Western Red Cedar, a variety known for its warm reddish brown tone and supreme durability. In forests of the Pacific Northwest, these trees are notable for their towering height, broad trunks, and ability to live hundreds, or even more than a thousand years in the right conditions. It's these qualities that ensure cedar rectangular planters made out of Western Red have the same strong presence in landscape design.

A commercial planter made of Western Red Cedar takes on many of the natural qualities, and perks, of the wood. For example, cedar rectangular planters are inherently resistant to insects, rot and mildew and the resilience can be even further increased by adding a weatherproofing seal or agent. Wooden planter boxes online are sold standard in their natural finish and will weather to grey outdoors.

A lightweight nature, soft texture and workability all make Western Red lumber a pleasure to work with, which means easy customization. At Planters Unlimited, we can customize a rectangular cedar planter to suit most any project be it a smaller deck container or an oversized commercial planter. And we can do so without adding on custom fees.

Wooden planter boxes come ready to display "au natural" or can be altered slightly to further optimize product performance. One upgrade we recommend is a fitted fiberglass insert to protect the wood and improve its longevity. Painted or stained finishes are another great way to safeguard against the elements and also turn out a pleasing tone. These and more custom options and upgrades are just a toll free call away.

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