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Eureka Redwood Planters

The Eureka Redwood Planters are a container made from natural materials. Derived from a responsible harvest, these outdoor wooden planters draw on all the strength and beauty of redwood trees found in California and Oregon. On top of their organic appeal, large redwood planter boxes are also a practical outdoor container because of the material's natural resistance to decay and rotting from moisture.

Outdoor wooden planters in the Eureka style feature framed vertical slats of warm redwood on each container face with a molded top trim to frame the opening. With many commercial designers and architects focused on incorporating natural materials, redwood planter boxes are finding a well-deserved relevance in contemporary design projects. From a resort town coffee shop to an urban rooftop lounge, large redwood planters make a charming accent outright and even more so with the addition of lovely plants and flowers.

Redwood planter boxes help put your commercial design plans back in touch with nature. This collection of outdoor wooden planters is made using natural materials produced from a responsible harvest and large redwood planters have all the benefits of the Sequoia tree in nature – resilience, beauty and enchantment. The commanding, yet warm presence of these containers is impossible to ignore and this makes them a continued favorite for commercial use.

The Eureka Large Redwood Planters are designed to showcase the natural grain of the wood in the form of a durable commercial container. Vertically stretched rectangular slats provide that these redwood planter boxes can show off the depth of color in the material, and framing on each face of the container further enhances this effect. Outdoor wooden planters are given a molded trim at the container opening for a nicely presented finish. Their refined design in addition to the naturally durable nature of redwood makes the Eureka ideal for exterior commercial applications. On a restaurant patio, an event venue terrace or lining the pool deck at a hotel, large redwood planters are inherently lovely and only increase in appeal when filled with vibrant plants and flowers.

Outdoor wooden planters are making a comeback in contemporary commercial design as the demand for natural, eco-friendly materials continues to rise. For commercial designers and landscape architects who are focused on incorporating materials found in nature, little compares to the redwood in terms of presence. Redwood planter boxes have the benefit of construction from one of the planet's most resilient species, with related live Sequoia trees often living for hundreds of years. Harvested, the wood has minimal susceptibility to rot or decay even in high moisture applications. In fact, the native environment of redwood trees is in areas with large amounts of rainfall.

Outdoor wooden planters from Planters Unlimited are just one in an extensive line of options that also include options made from wood alternative materials. Although nothing can compare to the liveliness of natural redwood planters, some of our clients prefer composite planters that mimic the appearance of painted wood material. In any material, Planters Unlimited features only commercial grade, durable containers.

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