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Designer Planters with Metal Accents

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Designer Planters with Metal Accents

This gallery of planters with metal accents is just a snapshot of potential custom designer planters we can create for commercial projects. At Planters Unlimited, we have the ability to work with clients individually on unique indoor planters and outdoor planters with accents.

Our decorator planters with metal accents begin with durable fiberglass or Premier Composite PVC - your choice. As unique outdoor planters, fiberglass and PVC both make commercial-grade containers that are rot, crack and split resistant. For unique indoor planters, fiberglass forms elegantly finished custom designer planters with accents.

For decorator planters built from scratch, Planters Unlimited offers premium personalized service. Choose accents in the form of inserts or "onserts" in striking metals like steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and in finishes like galvanized or brushed. Also, align planters with metal accents to your color palette and feature custom commercial branding and logos where desired.

Designer Planters with Metal Accents featured in this exclusive online gallery showcase just a fraction of our ability to design and build decorator planters through one-on-one partnership with our customers. At Planters Unlimited, we provide superior, personalized service in building custom designer planters with accents in a range of brilliant metals.

These planters with metal accents begin with your choice of durable fiberglass or Premier Composite PVC. Both materials provide a resilient base upon which to build custom designer planters. Commercial-grade qualities like resistance to rotting, cracking, chipping or splitting ensure unique outdoor planters and modern indoor planters that are built to perform in tough exterior or interior applications.

For unique outdoor planters, our customers choose from fiberglass or PVC depending on material preference. Our decorator planters in Premier Composite are each hand built utilizing PVC material that is impervious to water and will not rot, crack or split. Equally durable and flexible in construction is fiberglass, an ideal material for contemporary and modern outdoor planters in impeccably polished finishes.

In addition to custom designer planters for exterior applications, fiberglass is also prime material for building unique indoor planters. With endless flexibility in fabrication and finishing, fiberglass forms stylish, modern indoor planters.

Whichever material you prefer, our planters with accents are a versatile build from the ground up, both in size and style - from large rectangular containers to tapering cylindrical silhouettes. Once you've chosen a base material for your collection of unique indoor planters or modern outdoor planters, the customization process continues on to metal accenting, color and finish choices. Instead of the usual commercial container, make one-of-a-kind decorator planters with your choice of custom finishes.

Metal choices for planters with accents include, but are not limited to, steel, iron and aluminum in various finishes like stainless, galvanized and brushed. Per your design aesthetic, accents can be mounted on, inlaid or created as inserts. Even choose modern indoor planters with unique metal grill details aligning the container rim. Custom designer planters can be created with accents around a base or kick plate, banded vertically or horizontally in nearly any configuration.

In addition, Planters Unlimited can create planters with metal accents in the shape of logos, branding or even personal initials. In fact, we created an exclusive collection of custom designer planters with accents for the Westfield Mall out of PVC and stainless steel accents.

To round out designs of unique outdoor planters or modern indoor planters, one of our project managers can help you to choose a color palette and finish that aligns with your design aesthetic. Color matching is easy with versatile PVC or fiberglass. Other accessories like false bottoms, casters and self-watering reservoirs are also available upon request.

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