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Cyclo Round Cast Stone Planters

It only takes one look at the Cyclo Round Cast Stone Planters to realize that they are truly works of art. Ridges along the sides are depicted in varying widths for an dramatic look that creates a feel that is equally at home in traditional and modern settings. While its visual interest cannot be denied, the Cyclo also looks as good at laid back beach resorts as it does in high rise apartment buildings. You'll find that it makes a beautiful addition to store fronts or even along city streets for an instant beautification of your commercial district or neighborhood. It's even a lovely display piece for patios to complete luxury residential landscape designs.

Like many of our luxury and designer outdoor planters, the Cyclo large flower pots are made from our unique blend of concrete and fiberglass reinforcement. Our concrete planters take on the best qualities of both materials. You get the ruggedness and pottery-like appearance of precast concrete, along with the enduring strength and weather resistance of fiberglass. You'll not only enjoy superior style, but also flawless utility that lasts through the seasons. The curved shape also makes displaying a wide range of plant life effortless and beautiful, with plenty of room for trees, shrubs and fillers to spread out at the top, and an atmosphere which allows for strong root systems down below. Drainage holes regulate water flow, especially when heavy rain might be an issue. Self watering reservoirs, no drainage and planters with drip trays can be requested. Shop a variety of sizes, colors and shapes online or call!

The Unique Cyclo Round Cast Stone Planter

The Unique Cyclo Round Cast Stone Planter showcases all the artistry of the potter's wheel to provide stunning good looks no matter where they are positioned. The asymmetrical ridges share a love of the unpredictable. Yet, each ridge is set against the perfectly formed bowl of these outdoor planters. Remarkably, the Cyclo large bowl concrete planter looks at home in a chic boutique hotel just as comfortably as it does in a greenhouse filled with unassuming daisies or miniature daffodils. With generous space for all manner for floral and plant life, the Cyclo large flower pots can also double as towel holders in upscale spas and salons. Available in three sizes, with the greatest of these large commercial planters being an over-abundant 55 inch diameter, we can also make custom sizes to meet any design plans you have in mind.

The Durability of Cast Stone Planters

Made with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC for short, the Cyclo round planters are made to convey all the heft of concrete minus the actual bulky weight. They actually weigh a stunning 75 percent less than the material they mimic yet are stronger due to the glass fiber reinforcement. And with glass fibers to reinforce the concrete base, the Cyclo is not only lighter, it is also more pliable, making it easy to customize. Flexibility creates the planter's ability to sustain weather extremes without cracking or becoming brittle. GFRC planters won't crack, chip or crumble like concrete alone can. This weather resistance makes the Cyclo one durable planter guaranteed to last season after season, saving your business money without needing to replace them.

Stately and Stylish

Besides adding class and distinction to your business, the Cyclo cast stone planters add smart styling to country estates or modern penthouses. Set inside your home's front foyer or position near your indoor pool for a chic and contemporary look. The Cyclo comes with pre-drilled drainage holes but can be ordered without them, or with drip trays for indoor use. Add a self-watering reservoir to keep plant life hydrated for weeks depending on plant type and temperature. Set on plant caddies for easy maneuvering inside or outside the home. Available in 6 colors and 3 standard sizes, we love doing custom projects.

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