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Corningstone Cedar Square Planters

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Corningstone Cedar Square Planters

Add stunning container gardens to any exterior with the Corningstone Square Cedar Planters. While equipped to function as heavy-duty commercial wooden planters, each box still retains all the charming softness of Western Red Cedar. The warm wood grain is a standout in any setting and square planter pots are easy to combine with other containers for a cohesive landscape design.

Commercial planters made of Western Red Cedar feature inherent safeguard from the elements. In nature, this tree is known as one of the strongest and, when finished correctly, Red Cedar products can last for decades. Square cedar planters are no exception, boasting fade and rot resistance even in their natural finish which will age from a golden, orange-brown to a timeless grey with sunlight exposure. Containers are sold standard without paint, staining or weather seals, but can be requested with custom finishing. Fiberglass liners to match each square planter are another available upgrade to ensure pots enjoy the longest lifespan possible.

Get garden beauty throughout a landscape with commercial wooden planters. Incorporating fresh flowers, shrubs and greenery is an essential component of enjoyable exteriors. To spread the pleasure to hardscape patios, pool decks and walkways, use square cedar planters that serve as an extension of natural beauty and growing space.

The Corningstone Square Planter is designed to work in any setting, alongside other pots and containers, while upholding a sense of unique beauty. To achieve this balance, the material of choice is Western Red Cedar. Revered for its inherent strength, resistance to the elements and beautiful, smooth grain, this wood is a natural when it comes to outdoor applications.

The Corningstone Square Cedar Planter features a classic design with vertical slats of wood that are framed in on each face of the container. At its top, framing continues around square planters with a slightly protruding ledge for a nice finishing touch. Pots can be inserted directly into the planter base to be concealed in a clever wood encasement, or soil potted directly into the wooden planter itself. For direct planting, we recommend a matching fiberglass liner (available for upgrade) to optimize the life of the wood and keep garden maintenance as easy as possible.

Due to the pure beauty of the Corningstone Square Planter, pots are sold in their natural Western Red Cedar finish. The rot resistant wood grain is even and smooth with a soft look that conceals just how rugged these planters really are. When new, the cedar has a light reddish-orange tone with small golden notes. Through natural aging and exposure to sunlight, the wood will eventually take on an exquisite grey color if left unpainted. By request, Planters Unlimited offers custom stains and finishing; pricing will vary.

As a residential or commercial wooden planter, Western Red Cedar is unparalleled in strength and visual appeal. Colorful greens and floral arrangements will only strengthen the look, making for a welcome enrichment to any exterior.

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