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Conrad Cast Stone Planters

Exacting precision and clean, modern detailing make the Conrad Large Outdoor Planters the piece de résistance in any space. Deep bands across the top and throughout enhance the appearance for look that is modern but classic enough to work beautifully with even more traditionally themed locations. Place in malls, hotel resorts, storefronts, casinos, and even along city streets and walkways, the Conrad commercial planter pots are everything you need to instantly enhance any indoor or exterior area.

These innovative tall planters may look like authentic old world pottery with a modern spin, but they are comprised of an original blend of glass fibers and concrete. This gives them the appearance of stone, but with the added resistance to cracking and the lighter weight of fiberglass. Despite these modern innovations, each piece is hand molded to reflect premium artistry that evokes feelings, quality and luxury. Customize your modern planters with colors of your choosing, varying sizes, as well as rectangular, square, and round shapes to fit in with virtually any setting.

Use your flower planter for faux flowers for a maintenance free style or plant live flowers or foliage. Add self-watering system for worry free watering, even when you're away.

Conrad Cast Stone Large Outdoor Planters

The Conrad Cast Stone Large Outdoor Planters collection offers stunning good looks in a wide variety of environments. While appearing as modern planters, they have actually been designed with old world antiquities in mind. Stone plant pots were used frequently in ancient civilizations. Although originally pots were used to carry water, grains and other materials, they occasionally were used for plant growth, specifically for food. Now updated and modernized as round commercial planter pots, with other shapes also available, the Conrad Cast Stone Planters series offers time-honored grace as a flower planter. What's more, since they are made with long-lasting durable GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) or Fiberstone they will certainly last as long as the relics they are patterned after but without chipping or cracking. They have an additional advantage too in that they are lightweight at only a quarter of what concrete weighs.

From Tall Planters to Small Planters

From tall planters to small planters and all sizes in between, the Conrad Cast Stone pots feel right at home in many fine establishments. Their 3 striking bands wrapped around the circumference of each planter offers an attractive symmetry that looks both elegant and casual at the same time. Given this diverse style, the Conrad looks wonderful in upscale hotels and resorts just as comfortably as it does showcasing red begonias at the local farmers market. In fact, these glass reinforced concrete planters are at home nearly everyplace you put them. And with numerous sizes available, chances are you can find just the right size you need to round out your design scheme. Furthermore, in the off chance you don't find the right size, we can custom manufacture whatever size your design plans call for.

The Heft of Stone and Practicality of Fiberglass

With the glass reinforced concrete threaded through the Conrad Planters, they become not only a longer lasting plant container, they also are easily customized. Add an additional band or remove one, whichever reflects your business persona and design scheme. Plus, even with 6 colors available, if you require a different shade or hue, we can accommodate you. Finally, increasing or decreasing planter size and finish is also subject to customization.

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