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Commercial Bowl Shaped Fiberglass Planters

Bowl Shaped Fiberglass Planters
Our fiberglass planter bowls are top-quality and also happen to be among the most popular commercial planters, thanks to a strategic combination of graceful styling and incomparable toughness. They look lovely and can be used as a standout showcase for greenery and flowers, but also have dependable resistance to wear, tear, and exposure to harsh natural elements and conditions. Equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, their curvaceous profiles look beautiful and can compliment any architectural style or landscaping plan. A large bowl planter can totally transform the blank canvas of an empty space on a patio, in a yard, or in the lobby of a building. Smaller bowl planters can be used to create interesting borders and configurations that elegantly define spaces. Place them in gardens or breezeways, inside restaurants or courtyards, on terraces and verandas, or beside sidewalks or staircases. Wherever they go they look great and offer a low maintenance solution to all kinds of creative outdoor landscaping and interior decorating projects.

Our low bowl planters are available in a variety of different styles to suit your specific needs. Each planter bowl is also engineered to last through years of demanding commercial use in any kind of climate.

Use Bowl Planters independently as a centerpiece - the way you might use a fountain or statue. They highlight plants and flowers while adding their own unique loveliness that contributes its own magical element of style . Or mix and match them by using various sizes, textures, finishes, and colors. With their dramatic rounded lines they can easily and effectively balance the look of architectural schemes that are blocky, angular, or square. Use them, for example, to add a welcome change to monotonous brickwork and repetitive flooring tiles. Place them near rectangular swimming pools, parking spaces, tennis courts, squared entryways, or elevator doors that tend to dominate a lobby or hallway. Or planter bowls can be used to accentuate curves and circles such as oval-shaped conference tables, decorative pillars, entryway traffic circles, ponds, fountains, or semicircular reception desks, building security stations, bars, counter tops, or sitting areas.

Rosetta Bowl
The Rosetta Bowl Planter has an unusually gorgeous and dramatic shape to compliment any decor or architectural style. Thanks to the unique structural integrity of our high-quality fiberglass, we are able to produce the sweeping curvature of its silhouette - and yet have it balance solidly on the relatively small footprint base of the Rosetta Bowl. The overall aesthetic effect is unusually elegant and delightful. Create large impressive pods of flowers and greenery to make open, expansive spaces more intimate and inviting. Or display plants in groupings of smaller Rosetta Bowl planters to create a lively, organic ambience. Place them indoors or outside, because they are engineered to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh weather without rotting, cracking, or leaking.

Alexandria Flower Bowl

The Alexandria Flower Bowl seems to hover over its rather small circular base, and the dramatically curved profile is further accentuated and defined with crisp step detailing added along its upper trim edge. The Alexandria impressively raises flowers and plants up off the ground to give them prominence in a lovely expression of style and elegance. Displaying greenery in this way also uplifts the spirits of those who see it, and that is a feat that inferior commercial planters cannot accomplish because they sacrifice beauty and grace for durability. Meanwhile the sturdy Alexandria Flower Bowl planter is constructed of the best grade and quality of crack, fade, and leak resistant fiberglass - for many years of reliable performance.

Italian Villa Bowl

The Italian Villa Bowl is influenced by classic styles that have been around for ages and have consistently added stately charm and elegance to European gardens and villas. But we updated it with a top quality commercial grade fiberglass, to make it even more adaptable for today’s professional landscaper, property manager, or decorator.

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