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Arch Cage Wrought Iron Planter

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Arch Cage Wrought Iron Planter

Improve your curb appeal with a dash of chic sophistication in the form of wrought iron planters. Our professional-grade planters are high quality and create a stunning focal point in any home or garden, especially with the inclusion of your favorite flowers and plants. And with planters in a variety of styles and sizes, you can find the piece that is perfect for your home.

Take a look at our beautiful inspiration gallery and extensive selection, and then give our representatives a call to find the product that is right for you. It doesn't take much to create show-stopping curb appeal!

Shown is the Arch Cage Wrought Iron Planter with:

  • Copper Tone Liner
  • Artificial Bougainvillea Vine
  • Artificial Boston Fern
  • Arch Decora Window Box
The larger commercial size planter is filled with Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls.

Black Wrought Iron Planters with Panache

The stunning Arch Cage Wrought Iron Planter is the créme de le créme of wrought iron planters, complete with loads of panache and attitude. These large planter boxes look elegant and sophisticated on large residential properties and commercial properties alike. Each one comes with its own liner. Choices include black, white, bronze, copper tone, or 100% real copper. The metal garden box comes with a bronze or black powder coat finish for dramatic contrast that protects against the elements. Bronze coated outdoor planters come in three different size options beginning at 24 inches up to 72 inches. Our black coated landscaping plant pots also begin at 24 to 72 inches. Both wrought iron styles are supported with festive black feet that only increases their distinction while elevating them slightly off the ground.

A Topiary Container Garden, English Style

If you like English style topiary shrubs as a decorative feature as part of your container garden landscape, the Arch Cage Wrought Iron Planter is ideal. The arch design features are reminiscent of stained glass windows from England and Europe in the middle ages, providing the perfect backdrop for English garden groomed topiaries. Some customers prefer to grow their own topiaries in the deep wells of this attractive planter while others love the convenience of artificial topiaries sold elsewhere on our website. Whichever you prefer, the Arch Cage Planter makes a stunning addition for your yard or business.

The Heft of Wrought Iron Planters

The Arch black wrought iron planters provide lots of capacity and weight when you need a planter for commercial environments. Besides their impeccable elegant look, their weight is a deterrent to theft or vandalism. Furthermore, we use commercial grade metal and wrought iron in each planter we make. This offers tremendous durability in all kinds of harsh weather elements, providing long-term use while still preserving their handsome good looks. What's more, because we have liner options, you can buy several different colors, swapping them out from one season to the next. Or change liners and move planters to different locations on the property for a new look. We can also make custom colors and sizes to meet your design needs.

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