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Alexandria Flower Bowl Planter

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Alexandria Flower Bowl Planter

Alexandria Fiberglass Planters
The Alexandria Flower Bowl seems to hover over its rather small circular base, and the dramatically curved profile is further accentuated and defined with crisp step detailing added along its upper trim edge. The Alexandria impressively raises flowers and plants up off the ground to give them prominence in a lovely expression of style and elegance. Displaying greenery in this way also uplifts the spirits of those who see it, and that is a feat that inferior commercial planters cannot accomplish because they sacrifice beauty and grace for durability. Meanwhile the sturdy Alexandria Flower Bowl planter is constructed of the best grade and quality of crack, fade, and leak resistant fiberglass - for many years of reliable performance.

The Alexandria Flower Bowl Planter offers a dramatic concave shape that is topped off with a distinctive and prominent step edge detail. The planting dish itself is large enough to accommodate an entire bed of flowers, and the special step edge running around the rim of the planter creates a subtle but effective border. Arrange the botanicals just as you might in a conventional flowerbed, because the dish of the Alexandria Flower Bowl is spacious enough to hold all different sizes, heights, and types of greenery from low ground cover plants to tall grasses and reeds. Whether you incorporate pansies and violets or cat’s tail and bamboo – or choose wide-leaf plants like palms and philodendrons – the Alexandria is adaptable and flexible.

Adding the sharp looking step edge around the rim as we did helps to give the planter a neat and tidy appearance as it visually defines the planted area. Psychologically it works in the same way that a white picket fence does when erected in someone’s nicely manicured front yard. People may not consciously pay close attention to it because they are focused on the plants, but it contributes a crisp and classy look that is undeniably effective. Planters are meant to successfully draw the eye toward the flowers inside them, and the Alexandria Flower Bowl does that with ease, while standing up to rugged commercial use both indoors and outside.

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