Pilkington North America - Pilkington OptAR™ Glare Reduction, Low Reflective Glass

Pilkington OptAR™ Glare Reduction, Low Reflective Glass

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Pilkington OptAR™ Glare Reduction, Low Reflective Glass

Pilkington OptAR™ reduces reflected light intensity


Pilkington OptAR™ is an affordable solution to glare reduction in applications such as computer screens, aircraft transparencies, televisions, flat panels and similar electronic displays. Pilkington OptAR™ minimizes eye strain caused by glare, increasing visual acuity and making displays easier to read.


Manufactured with a durable pyrolytic coating, Pilkington OptAR™ is ideal for use in specialty electronic applications, such as touch screen displays, aircraft transparencies, flat-panel LCD monitors, televisions, HDTV's, and specialty vehicle windshields and instrument panels.

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  • Electrically conductive

  • Improved visual performance

  • Easily fabricated

  • Bendable

  • Durable pyrolytic coating

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