Park Planet -Vineyard Playground Structure


The Vineyard is a perfect blend of modern and traditional playground components.

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Vineyard Playground Structure

The Vineyard is a perfect blend of modern and traditional playground components. With two different slide heights and approximately 244 sqft of shade to cover the playgrounds, this structure is ideal of anyone who wants to go against what is traditional, but isn’t ready to be completely different. This structure emphasizes a lot of lower body development and balance, but is still suited to meet the developmental needs of a young child.

Playground Features:

  • 12′ x 12′ Shade shade sail canopy
  • 10′ x 10′ Single post shade sail canopy
  • 48″ Twister slide
  • 36′ Straight slide
  • Spiral climber
  • Disc climber
  • Jungle balance climber
  • Dual level tri-hub
  • Maze panel
  • 20″ Boulder stack rock

Not happy with the colors? This is an easy fix! The color options are endless and color changes do not affect the price!

Playgrounds and Parks make our lives better! Park Planet is proud to have designed and installed hundreds of tot-lots in California over the last 17 years. Browse through our specially designed 2-5 play structures below, or reach out to one of our design associates for a custom design to suit your specific needs.

“Play” is critical to the development of 2-5 year olds. Playground designs for this age group should be safe but still incorporate a certain level of stimulating challenge. Our innovative products allow us to create imaginative, sensory and social play in addition to “big body play” like sliding, balancing, climbing up and climbing down. Contact one of our in house designers to create a unique 2-5 play space of your own!

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