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Par-Kut supplies cost-effective in plant offices such as modular inplant offices with pre-engineered modular office systems that provide solutions for efficient space utilization.

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Modular In Plant Offices

Par-Kut supplies cost-effective in plant offices such as modular inplant offices with pre-engineered modular office systems that provide solutions for efficient space utilization. From a simple wall dividing system to a single office, multiple office or even a two-story multiple office system, no job is too small or too large.

We always seek better, faster and more economical ways to design, engineer and manufacture modular in plant offices.

Assembly of units can be completed by the customer or Par-Kut can coordinate the assembly of the structure of the modular inplant office by an experienced crew. The panelized, site erected offices can include modular electrical systems, too.

There is also a tax advantage with an investment in in plant offices. Par-Kut’s modular in plant offices can be fully dismantled, relocated, and reassembled. This mobility, under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), allows the modular inplant office to be classified as “tangible property” with a shorter 7-year depreciable life.
The in plant office sold by Par-Kut are also available in noncombustible panel construction. The DL type panels have been tested in accordance to ASTM-E-84 (copies of the laboratory tests are available upon request). The other components of our Pre-Engineered office, i.e. suspended ceiling, dust cover, steel door and windows, are noncombustible, as well. Incorporating the DL type panels into the modular in plant office design will create a system in which all the components are noncombustible.

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2 Story Office

Create a complete office complex right inside the warehouse. This is a 2-story multi office unit maximizing the available space. Top floor has a conference room and managers office. Lower section has multiple offices for sales force, quality control, and dispatch. Fixed glazing in all open area walls for great observation. Transaction window installed for the dispatch area. Half Glazed steel doors for security and that open feeling. Complete unit is equipped with modular electric all wired back to the complexes own circuit breaker panel. Drop ceiling design allows for the central HVAC system and sufficient lighting. Upper unit has vinyl tile floor and the lower unit utilizes the existing epoxy covered warehouse floor. There is no limit to the needed accessories.

Gas Island Booth

Booths & personell shelters equipped with explosion proof electric devices are widely used at chemical plants, refineries, grain processing plants and water treatment facilities. These units provide safe shelter while observing fueling or other product transfer operations.

Pictured is a 5′ x 10′ booth with doors on both sides and a work counter. Explosion proof electrical installed includes: (2) incandescent lights with a 3-way switch, (2) 1800w surface mounted heaters with thermostat and associated wiring to a central junction box.

Truck Booths

Consistency is what can be expected from Par-Kut’s quality manufacturing abilities. Whether your parking application or toll road needs one unit or multiples, they will all be the same if that’s what is desired. The front two units are identical with tinted glass, roof mounted RV air conditioner with wall thermostat, exterior mounted electronic fee display, oversized sliding aluminum door and shipped with UL classified factory installed electrical system meeting NEC requirements.

Gate Booth

Industrial Businesses are constantly increasing the level of security to their locations. Par-Kut works closely with the customers to implement the necessary equipment needed to achieve this purpose. This parking lot booth allows security to restrict unwanted visitors. Being totally exposed to nature’s elements and quite a distance from the main building, specific equipment must be installed. An extended overhang from 3″ to 12″ works in conjunction with tinted glass to reduce glare from the sun. Duplex par floodlights mounted to the overhang keep the area well lit for observations at evening. Camera mounting has become almost a standard. This allows main building security to monitor each satellite post and keep a taped record if needed. Par-Kut installs all the necessary weather-proof boxes and conduits for these additions.

Mill Office

This 10′ x 25′ control room will contain multiple personnel and MCC equipment controls for a major power plant. Booth offers a lot of work space with a 25′ counter under the windows. It was designed like a press box, with 45 degree angled corners to allow full vision of the plant floor. Equipped with some custom electrical options including both fluorescent and dimmable incandescent lighting, cable trough, special wired circuits and dual circuit breaker panels. This control room was built for a specific need, do you have a specific application Par-Kut can fill?

Portable Booth

High end mobile bullet resistant protection at it’s finest. This 6′ x 8′ booth has UL level VIII protection covering all of the glazing, walls, door and floor. Trailer has dual axles designed to support the 5,000+ lbs load. Mounting a portable generator to the tongue of the trailer supplies the unit with a self sufficient power source or use the fishtail power cord when site service is available. Booth comes complete with work counter, lighting, outlets, and HVAC system.

Fuel Dock House

Pictured here is a “Platform Operator Shed” widely known and used in the petrochemical industry. Normally the booth is mounted high above an operation either on a platform or a walkway and used for observations or to operate a system. These booths are constructed complete with explosion proof electrical. The most commonly requested classification would be Class I, Division II, Group D. These sheds can be as small as 3′ x 4′ or as large as needed and most common would be 4′ x 6′ or 6′ x 8′.

The most common accessories requested with these are: incandescent light with wall switch, single receptacle, 1700w heater with thermostat, and 14,000 BTU through wall air conditioner. When one of these units leave the factory all the electrical accessories are installed and piped to a single explosion proof junction box. Once on site, the final power supply connection and completion of the seal-offs are completed by the owner.

Control Pulpit

This 6′ x 14′ preassembled building was especially made for installation above a steel processing line. The sloped windows give the operators a better view of the shop floor. The rugged welded steel building is insulated for sound and temperature control and includes built in work counters, lights, convenience outlets and climate control. Building is portable and can be relocated with either a fork lift or crane. Pre-wired to wall mounted circuit breaker panel.

When rapid installation is desirable, and controlling your costs for construction are important, contact Par-Kut. We have built thousands of buildings for other customers and for hundreds of applications. May we build one for you?

Security Office

High security is no longer restricted to military applications. Utilities around the country have increased their level of protection with security booths like the one shown here. This sleek contemporary look is very deceiving. Walls, glazing, doors and roof are protected with armor plate and glass that have a certified UL-752 rating of Bullet Resistant level VIII. Occupants are hidden with reflective glazing and if absolutely necessary, can repel attackers with bullet resistant access ports (gun ports). The interior layout of this booth is also very unique and the accessories can be viewed by opening drawing link.

Guard Hut with Rest Room

Large and small booths alike can have paint schemes applied to match main structures. This particular booth is more than just a guardhouse. Being located at a large manufacturing facility that operates 24/7/365 more was demanded. Within this structure is the guard area, ADA compliant restroom and a manager’s office.