PalmSHIELD -Asia Economic Horizontal Louvers

About Asia Commercial Horizontal Louvers

PalmSHIELD’s Asia Commercial horizontal louvers is a clean and simple louvered screening solution.

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Asia Economic Horizontal Louvers

About Asia Commercial Horizontal Louvers

PalmSHIELD’s Asia Commercial horizontal louvers is a clean and simple louvered screening solution. Asia is our commercial version of our horizontal louver series for more budget minded projects but still incorporates our industry widest louver. Providing 100% direct visual screening and exceeding 60% openness, each louver is incorporated into a single panel. Asia Commercial horizontal louvers incorporate a wide vertical channel on each side of the louver, forming a fully fabricated panel. This unique louver system provides a clean appearance utilizing only louvers between each column.

Asia Commercial horizontal louvered screening utilizes a 1/8” x 3/4” aluminum flat bar not to exceed 24” on center to support the louvers between the vertical end channels. This additional support prevents distortion under wind loads and improves security. Very similar to other systems, PalmSHIELD uses a 3” x 3” aluminum column system to support each panel on not to exceed 60” on center. Our systems are engineered to meet all the UBC and IBC standards for wind loading.

Like all of our PalmSHIELD architectural screening products, Asia Commercial horizontal louvered screen panels are media blasted and powder coated, providing the best in the industry durable coatings. Asia Commercial is available in all of our standard colors and any customer requested color.

Asia Commercial horizontal louvers continue in the tradition of providing outstanding structural slide and swing gates with fully welded structural tube framework. Only PalmSHIELD provides this unique locking system matching the highest quality industrial door and security hardware which is internal and re-keyable.

All of PalmSHIELD’s architectural screening products are fully shop fabricated, assembled, disassembled and packaged to assure all components fully align in the field. Asia Commercial horizontal louvers is no exception to this standard of quality and customer service. All of our gate hardware is fully assembled and installed prior to shipping.

Material: Aluminum

Louver dimensions: 1/8” x 3”

Installed louver profile: 2” x 2.873”

Louver spacing o.c.2.65”

Visibility: 100% direct visual screening.

Openness: 64%

Vertical supports: 2 1/4” x 7/8” x 1/8” channel

Intermediate supports: 1/8” x 3/4” flat bar. Not to exceed 24” O.C.

Structure: PalmSHIELD welded fully fabricated panels

Panel width: Unlimited. Standard is 48” to 60”.

Panel height: Unlimited. Standard is up to 12’.

Post and Panel Colors: Unlimited RAL Colors

Features & Benefits
  • Broken down and packaged providing for affordable freight
  • 100% direct visual screening
  • Louvered screening made easy and affordable
  • Contemporary horizontal plank system
  • A wide range of louver options: vinyl, composite and aluminum
  • Dumpsters
  • Patios
  • HVAC screens
  • Outside dining
  • Generators
  • Hot tubs
  • Transformers
  • Employee parking
  • Pool equipment
  • Courtyards
  • Gardens
  • Walkways

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