PalmSHIELD -Tiger Industrial Semi-Private Aluminum Slide Gate


PalmSHIELD‘s TIBERIUS architectural semi-private aluminum gate infill is a great option for offering both privacy and ventilation.

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Tiger Industrial Semi-Private Aluminum Slide Gate

PalmSHIELD‘s TIBERIUS architectural semi-private aluminum gate infill is a great option for offering both privacy and ventilation. The aluminum frame and matching aluminum horizontal planks offers a contemporary and industrial finish matching today’s modern industrial contemporary style. The semi-private pattern with a two-inch standard air space and five-inch-wide planks offers a solution when you want a gate that complements your structure’s exterior finishes but allows for airflow and breaks-up the overall appearance. The Tiberius is available in both aluminum and Endeck solid cellular planks.

Design: Structural cantilever slide gate designed to support infill weight and windload.

Infill: Per gate type, reference Industrial Panels for infill information.

Gate track: Double track system. Custom aluminum extrusion 5” x 2 ¾” track with integrated structural top horizontal framework

Bottom track: 5” x 2” structural tube.

Vertical uprights: 4” x 2” structural tube

Trussing: 3 / 32” stainless steel aircraft cable and turnbuckles

Panel framework: Each panel is individually framed out. 3” x 3” x ¼” angle

Trucks: Sealed bearing 6 & 10 wheel internal trucks 1000# capacity

Bottom guides: Polyethylene rollers

Coatings: Media blasted and powder coated. RALcolors available

PalmSHIELD Tiger slide gate series combines the appeal of PalmSHIELD’s architectural screening options to a commercial cantilever slide gate. This is a uncanny pairing as cantilever slide gates are truly suspended and cantilevered through the opening, not utilizing any ground supports or wheels. This means that the structural design of the gate itself must be considerable, supporting both the weight of the architectural panels and the wind load created.

PalmSHIELD Tiger commercial and industrial slide gates provide a wide array of PalmSHIELD infill options including composite wood, vinyl, aluminum, louvers, perforated and wire mesh. The architectural infill panels are installed into the cantilever slide gate to provide continuity with adjoining screening. Unlike any other commercial slide gate manufacture, PalmSHIELD Tiger commercial slide gates are sweep blasted and powder coated. We offer an endless number of colors.

Unlike standard cantilever slide gates, the PalmSHIELD Tiger series incorporates a much larger structural framework. The vertical framework begins with a 4” x 2” tubular outer framework encapsulating a 3” x 3” interior angle or 2” x 3” tubular U-shaped picture frame. This is an industrial and commercial gate design when aesthetics are critical. The Tiger series utilizes a upper single or double track design based on the weight and length of the opening. The bottom guide is no less than a 5” x 2” tubular member supporting the gate against wind load.

PalmSHIELD Tiger gates are each custom engineered to your tallest and widest openings. PalmSHIELD applies a series of engineering principles, accounting for the effects of the cantilevered load and wind load. PalmSHIELD has successfully built tens of thousands of industrial and commercial gates over the last thirty years.

Features & Benefits
  • Structural slide gates designed specifically support the weight and wind load of infill
  • Slide gates available in cantilevered or slide gates.
  • Proven engineering principles employed to support endless sizes of cantilevered gates.
  • Powder coated framework. All infill options available.
  • Architectural slide gates blend perfectly into your screening system
Slide Gate Specs

Widths: Standard widths are 10’, 12’, 16’ & 20’. However, we offer unlimited opening sizes based on our engineering.

Heights: Standard heights are 6’, 8’, & 10’. However, we offer unlimited heights sizes based on our engineering.

Counterbalance: On cantilever slide gates, it is equal to half the opening width. On overhead and ground track systems, add 10% to the opening width.

Frame: All of our gates are engineered to your type, size and width.

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