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Solar Reflective Shingles Duration ® Premium Cool Shingles – Solar Reflective Shingles for Beauty and Energy Efficiency Duration ® Premium Cool Shingles reflect solar energy,...

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Solar Reflective Shingles

Solar Reflective Shingles

Solar Reflective Shingles

Duration® Premium Cool Shingles – Solar Reflective Shingles for Beauty and Energy Efficiency

Duration® Premium Cool Shingles reflect solar energy, helping decrease the amount of heat transferred to a home’s interior – and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable. Duration® Premium Cool Shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated and feature unique lighter colors that have corresponding Owens Corning™ Hip & Ridge Shingles.

Duration® Premium Cool Shingles can:

  • Help lower energy bills by keeping the roof cooler§ – reducing wear and tear on the air conditioning system
  • Reduce environmental impact by decreasing CO2 emissions – since less energy is needed to cool the home
  • Extend the life of the roof – thanks to solar-reflecting granules that help reduce shingle temperature and subsequently slow asphalt aging

Plus they meet 2010 California Title 24, Part 6, requirements which call for a Cool Roof or equivalent improvement and are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics.

And with innovative, patented SureNail® Technology , Duration® Premium Cool Shingles offer a unique “triple layer” of reinforcement that offers excellent fastener holding power. No wonder they offer exceptional wind resistance – engineered to deliver 130-MPH wind warranty* performance with only four nails.

Duration® Premium Cool Shingles offer:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty*/† (for as long as you own your home)
  • 130-MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty*
  • Algae Resistance Limited Warranty*

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