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Armored Gun Port for Sub Machine Guns

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Armored Gun Port for Sub Machine Guns

Materials of Construction:

Gunport main housings are manufactured from Type 304 Stainless Steel. Gunport Door Assembly is fabricated from Stainless Steel Plate. All materials are of sufficient thickness to withstand specified attack level. Product is fully assembled and supplied with gaskets and mounting screws.


Units are shipped with all parts for field installation in prepared laminated glass cut-outs. Laminated glass by others must be prepared with 5-3/16" diameter hole in desired location. No special tools are required for installation other than conventional screwdrivers.


Model GPSMG Armored Gunports for Sub Machine Guns are designed for mounting in armored transparent vision lights. Typical applications include guard stations in Federal Reserve Banks, Military Installations, Embassies and other vital areas requiring ballistic protection where response is by personnel equipped with Sub Machine Guns or other automatic weapons.

Bullet Resisting:

While Model GPSMG Gunports are not listed by UL, they are designed to the same standards as Model GP. Model GPSMG has larger dimensions and operates differently. Desired threat levels must be specified at time of placement of order.

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