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The RSX® Egress Operators are UL325 listed . These standard duty operators feature fully integrated controls to release egress grilles to the fully open position during emergency events.

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RSX® Egress Operator

The RSX® Egress Operators are UL325 listed . These standard duty operators feature fully integrated controls to release egress grilles to the fully open position during emergency events.



Secure mounting options are available to fit: Front of hood, top of hood, wall mount, bench mount, or front of hood horizontal


Open drip-proof motor available in ½, and 1 horsepower, single or three-phase.

Progressive Breaking

Advanced DC break system bring the door to a smooth stop for less wear and tear

Advanced radio receiver system with auto seek frequency range

Quickly and easily learns up to 250 CodeDodger® transmitters. This system will automatically cycle between 315 and 390 frequencies. Can add and delete transmitters from the menu and easily identify which transmitters are operating the door.

Easy limit setting with LimitLock®

An electro/mechanical limit sensor that makes it easy to set and maintain limits.

Egress board

Alarm system and egress push-button inputs to release grille to fully open position

Easy installation and trouble-shooting with 16 character LCD display

Intelligent menu structure and expanded self-diagnostics including cycle counter functionality

Adjustable timed close feature

Standard feature on the main logic board can close door automatically. Timer can be set from two seconds to five minutes through the LCD display.

Voltage freedom with Voltamatic®

One unit for single phase voltages (115/208/230V), one unit for three phase voltages (208/230/460V) and one unit for three phase 575V.


Controls rate of door ascent.

Auto-tensioning SuperBelt®

Automatically adjusts itself to the correct tension.

UL325 listed

Requires the addition of monitored external entrapment devices prior to the operator working in momentary contact in the close direction.


Floor level auto-reset

No manual intervention is required to reset after egress test activation. Door may be motor operated normally upon reset of the test key switch to the normal position. Limits stay synchronized with the door

Egress Module

Pre-installed egress board controls egress release functions after receipt of initiating device input or power

Alarm system integration

Alarm system input available for remote activation of egress grille opening. Includes an alarm output for notification to a remote alarm system.

Simplified installation

The release clutch and governor that control the door ascent are inside the operator allowing for an installation that is similar to a standard service door operator

Included accessories

Operator comes with a flush mount egress test key switch and three button open/close/stop control station.

Drive reduction

Primary reduction is SuperBelt®, an auto tension poly-V flex belt that does not require adjustment. Secondary reduction is by chain and sprocket.

Timed Close

Doors can be set to automatically close after a two second to five minute delay.

Mechanical brake system

24V DC Disc Brake. Fewer mechanical parts for improved reliability.

Reduction Clutch

Adjustable disc-type helps protect door and operator from major damage should the door meet an obstruction.

Release Clutch

Disconnects operator drive train allowing grille to travel to fully open position upon receipt of alarm signal, egress push-button operation, or power loss.

Cycle Counter

LCD (liquid crystal display) clearly indicates the exact number of cycles logged for easy preventative maintenance and support.

On-board radio receiver

Can add radio functionality to every job with no additional cost for the receiver. Stores up to 250 CodeDodger® transmitters with dual frequency cycling.

Limited warranty

RSX® Fire Door operator features a 2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty. See installation manual for complete limitations and details.

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