Nudo -Endurex™ High Impact Hurricane Panels


Although lighter and much easier to cut and install, the Endurex 555 and 557 panels passed all National Hurricane testing requirements.

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Endurex™ High Impact Hurricane Panels

Endurex™ High Impact Hurricane Panels

Nudo's Endurex 555 and 557 advance the insulated "impact" or "hurricane" panel from the stone age to the space age. While other competitors rely on a heavy sheet of steel to provide the impact protection, Nudo has engineered a lightweight, super strong composite material to do an even better job. Although lighter and much easier to cut and install, the Endurex 555 and 557 panels passed all National "hurricane" testing requirements. The benefits go far beyond the tremendous strength-to-weight ratio. The Endurex 555 and 557 composite stabilizers are also impervious to moisture. The panels are completely balanced and not dependent on a "steel side out" installation. We didn't stop with a lighter, stronger, moisture resistant and easy to install panel. The Endurex 555 and 557 also offer great insulating values. Since the composite stabilizers are only half the thickness of the competition's panel, and there is no heavy sheet of steel, the Endurex 555 and 557 panels provide more insulation in the same thickness panel.

  • A much lighter panel for easier handling
  • Both "inside" and "outside" surfaces provide full impact resistance
  • Not dependent upon the "steel" side out
  • Cuts easily on the job or in the shop - eliminates the negatives of cutting steel
  • "Hi-Tech" stabilizers are impervious to moisture
  • Stabilizers are thinner yet stronger, allowing for a higher R-Value in 1" panels
  • Wet glazing not always required
Endurex 555 Meets Miami Dade Testing

Testing and certification for Miami-Dade County approvals let architects, specifiers, buyers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) know that products meet the unique requirements for a hurricane prone area. NUDO has worked with 3rd party testing facilities that provide the testing and certification services necessary to assure products are protected against all environmental changes.

Endurex 557 Passed High Velocity Hurricane Zones Testing

In 1992, the Florida Building Code implemented a more demanding High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing to establish building materials that have gone through higher testing for extreme pressure and wind. Endurex 557 has passed this stringent testing which further re-enforces the ability of this high-impact exterior wall panel to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

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Endurex 555
Endurex 557
Materials and ResourcesMR 4.1 and 4.2MR 5.1 and 5.2
Physical Characteristics
Standard Sizes4' x 8'
(Finished panels also offered Cut-to-Size.)
Stabilizer Thickness.060" Engineered Reinforced Plastic Composite
Foam Thickness0.75" + Closed Cell
Aluminum Thickness.032"
(Some aluminum thicknesses may have minimum quantities and longer lead times.)
Aluminum Widths48" Available in all colors