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Natare designs, builds, and installs complete stainless steel pool systems and equipment for commercial facilities and high-end homes across the world.

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Natare Corporation
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Stainless Steel Pool Systems

Natare designs, builds, and installs complete stainless steel pool systems and equipment for commercial facilities and high-end homes across the world. Natare stainless steel pools are fully customizable, featuring a wide range of shapes, sizes, and configurations to create a pool that is on time, on budget, and built right the first time.

Our modular pools are available in two different pool construction systems that are tailored to your project’s requirements. From community and personal pools to hotels, resorts and water parks, there is a Natare pool system for you.

All-Welded Stainless Steel Pool System

A Natare All-Welded Stainless Steel Pool System (AWS) is a customized, all-welded unitized pool construction system, pre-engineered to the exact requirements of each project.

AWS pool systems are quickly assembled on-site or, for smaller pool configurations, in our manufacturing plant as a single piece or component system. Each section is then joined together on-site with minimal welds to provide a fast and easy installation.

It is a permanent, watertight system that works with a variety of different floor systems. Your pool can have the luxurious curves and sinuous shape of a lazy river while still achieving the strength and stability that only all-welded stainless steel pool systems can provide. Interior finishes include polished stainless steel, ceramic tile, and PVC pool lining. Other special finishes are available upon request.

Natare AWS pools are ideal for in-ground, on-ground, or elevated aquatic construction and feature sectional design tailored to the exact configuration of each project.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easily adapts to any size or shape pool including the curves and turns of lazy rivers
  • Customizable gutter configuration
  • Integral stainless water supply and distribution - no buried pipes
  • Unbreakable GPM grating
  • Modular construction in sections up to 6 meters
  • Epoxy coated, high-up durable buttress system with integral deck support
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

Structural Panel Pool System

A Natare Structural Panel System (SPS) is a bolted panelized pool construction system using 12-gauge stainless steel and a fully-welded gutter system. It is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Compared to typical panelized pool systems, sealant is not relied on to maintain the watertightness between the panels. Our Natatec® PVC membrane system is installed within the pool’s interior to seal the pool completely from the gutter down.

The stainless steel perimeter gutter system is furnished with an integral supply tube that minimizes the perimeter pool plumbing required compared to typical panel systems with wall inlets. The SPS system combines the benefits of Natare welded perimeter gutter systems with the lower cost installation of the panelized pool system.

An SPS system is primarily used for in-ground installation and is shipped as a kit to be assembled entirely on-site. Each panel section is 1m wide with a height that can vary across the pool.

Features & Benefits:

  • The panelized wall system is bolted together in less time than a typical welded system and can be assembled by general laborers.
  • The fully-welded perimeter gutter system with integral supply tube is higher quality and longer lasting than a bolt together type gutter system (with no supply tube) that relies on sealant at each joint.
  • The use of roll-good PVC membrane has more longevity and a well-defined maintenance and repair structure.
  • Can be used as a temporary pool system for large one-off events.
  • Does not rely on backfill to support the pool and can be freestanding up to 1.8m (about 6 feet) in water depth.

Warranty Information

Natare stainless steel pools and spas are all-welded or bolted pool construction systems that eliminate typical pool construction problems, are suitable for virtually any environment, and last longer than other pool construction methods.

10 Year Workmanship 25 Year Structural

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